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Valve Vs Riot – Who Does the Better Job?

Valve Vs Riot – Who Does the Better Job?

With so many competitive games in the market, it is hard that reached the number one spot as an Esport. Counter-Strike has been on the scene for nearly a decade and every major Esports organization in the world has a dedicated roster for the game. However, recently, Riot Games have been stepping up. This has paved the way for many debates, primarily, which company is doing the best job.

Professional Fnatic CS: GO player Jesper “JW” Wecksell put forth his thoughts on the issue on Twitter. JW stated that Valve has been doing a great job with CS. JW is one of the best players of the game, having been voted in the top 10 list by HLTV for three consecutive years. He has won major titles and accolades, including ESL One Cologne.

JW isn’t letting down Riot fans as he does mention there is good work going on that side, but the player does not favor a single company running everything. That is the case with League of Legends and Riot’s recent Valorant.

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) in its own right has been doing great in terms of competitive tournaments. Valve’s biggest winner is CS, and although the company has tried, it is far away from banning cheaters.

For normal users and pros alike, there have been countless incidents where the game has been flooded with cheaters. Picking a winner is still a hard choice. Riot has so far managed to keep the number of cheaters limited in their games. Valorant with Vanguard is a prime example of Riot’s procedures.

Cheaters are still present, but not as much as one would expect. On the other hand, Valve has had a fairly hard time managing hacks in CS.

There is also a question on which game will come up with the most updates to keep the community engaged. Many in the community argue that Valve’s decision has been ‘lacking’ in the recent past. Meanwhile, LEC’s rise can largely be credited to the freedom given to those who work there.

At the end of the day, Valve has been improving and bringing in a lot. Both parties have their set of flaws, so it comes down to personal preferences.

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