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“Vikky Congratulations”: iShowSpeed Has a Heartfelt Message for Vikkstar123 in Classic Speed Fashion

Published 09/27/2023, 1:14 PM EDT

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YouTube streamer Darren iShowSpeed recently reacted to the marriage of his fellow YouTuber Vikkstar123. Vikram Singh Barn AKA Vikkstar123, is a renowned member of the popular YouTube channel called Sidemen. In a recent development in the YouTuber’s life, Vikkstar123 married Ellie Harlow on September 27, 2023, and iShowSpeed extended his congratulations to him during a live stream.

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People know iShowSpeed for his energy, charisma, and antics. During his latest stream, when Darren comes across Vikram’s wedding post, he goes on to congratulate him and shares his interaction with the fans. Although iShowSpeed shared an emotional conversation between the two, Darren’s delivery left his fans in splits.

 iShowSpeed reacts to Vikkstar123’s wedding photos


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During a recent live stream, iShowSpeed came across the news of Vikkstar123’s marriage. This made him stop doing whatever he was up to and look up the details of the wedding. Speed then told the viewers the story of how he met Vikkistar123 and the advice he got from him.

In a recent clip on Twitter recording the incident, Speed tells his fans about the interaction between Vikkstar123 in London. He mentions that he had a meaningful conversation with Vikkstar123 about marriage. Speed tells his fans that Vikram took the palm of his hand and put it on Darren’s head and said “You will find a girl”. In this conversation, Vikkstar123 expressed his best wishes for IShowSpeed’s pursuit of love and stated that Speed will find a wife one day.


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To this Speed said “I looked at Vikky, ‘Bro, I respect you.’ ‘Cause he genuinely believes that I will find a girl that I will get married to, bro. So Vikky congratulations!” In the clip, Darren looks up pictures of the newlywed couple and draws a reference to a celebrity marriage from India. The one of cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma.

While telling the chat about his interaction, iShowSpeed tries to recreate an Indian accent only to hilarious results.

Fans on iShowSpeed’s reaction to Vikkstar123’s wedding

The comments section of the Twitter post was full of people talking about iShowSpeed’s accent. Some fans were embarrassed at how Speed tried to reenact a wrong accent.

Other fans believed the clip was hard to watch.

One fan commented saying “Vikk became Arab when talking to Speed” suggesting that the accent Speed used was more Middle Eastern than Indian.

Many fans of Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli went on to celebrate Speed’s reference to the celebrity marriage.


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One comment expressed their belief that the accent that Speed used was more Nigerian than Indian.


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The YouTuber’s high energy and humorous reactions continue to be the driving force behind his popularity as a YouTuber, making his streams a must-watch for many fans. With Vikkstar123’s blessing and a drive to find a partner, do you think iShowSpeed will find his better half soon? Let us know in the comments.

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