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Want to Squeeze Out the Ultimate Performance From an Overclocked Nintendo Switch While Keeping It Cool? This Unique Mod Might Just Be for You!

Published 09/25/2023, 2:00 AM EDT

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The Nintendo Switch is successful for a reason: the console is portable, and it is powerful enough to play some really good-looking games. The biggest plus point of this console is that it started a revolution of hybrid handheld consoles in gaming; from Steam Deck to ROG Ally, every single console was following what Switch did.

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But playing those heavy games on the Nintendo Switch comes at a cost; even if it’s running in handheld mode or docked, the console gets hot. But it looks like someone has found an interesting fix to this problem!

A modded Nintendo Switch OLED that runs very cool!


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Modders are like magicians; no matter what they are working on, software or hardware, they never fail to impress with new ideas. They often turn older games or older hardware into something new and exciting. Recently at the Tokyo Game Show, a company showed fans a Nintendo 3DS with an AMOLED display. And now we have this modder who has created a cooling solution for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

The YouTube channel Macho Nacho Productions is known for such things. They mod old and new consoles and post their videos online. Their latest video is all about the Nintendo Switch OLED and how to keep it cool. This new mod is called the TVii Switch Re-Shell Mod. This mod turns the Nintendo Switch OLED into a full-fledged home console.


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This removes the console’s portability but allows the system to run much cooler in comparison to the normal system. The big reason for it running so cool is probably that 80mm fan, which prevents any kind of overheating on the motherboard.

Tests have revealed that when users run an overclocked Nintendo Switch OLED using this setup, the system runs from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius cooler than usual. It is an interesting mod for those who want to keep their Switch OLED at home.

This defeats the whole purpose of this console, though.


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Would Switch 2 be any better in terms of temperature?

Nintendo’s next console, the Nintendo Switch 2, is almost on the horizon. Fans cannot stop talking about and reading all the leaks and rumors about that console all over the internet. And it seems to be a powerhouse.

The thing is, if the Nintendo Switch 2 is as powerful as is being said if it has hardware-based ray tracing And if it runs Epic Games’s The Matrix demo without many downgrades, then it would no doubt need a better cooling system.


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Let’s hope Nintendo realizes this too, and we get a very cool gaming console.

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