The Haunting update in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is live now. With the last, content-filled offering for the current title, fans have witnessed multiple crossovers at once. However, the biggest highlight happens to be the collaboration with Diablo 4. Among other things, it has also unleashed a stunning and deadly Operator based on Lilith – the Queen of the Succubi herself!

Although the Lilith’s playable character was already announced more than a month ago, there was no date confirmed regarding her arrival in Call of Duty. But now, The Haunting event has brought her into the realm of the FPS series. Not to mention that many Diablo fans must be feeling curious right now to obtain her Operator bundle to wreak havoc in online matches.

Best method revealed to unlock Diablo 4 Operator Lilith in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone


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The duo of both Inarius and Lilith is there in the ongoing installment. However, the focus will surely remain on the Queen of the Succubi than anyone else. Her Operator bundle was revealed in MWII and Warzone on October 15, 2023.

Now, speaking of Lilith’s Operator bundle, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II players won’t have to struggle a lot in order to get the exclusive Diablo 4 character. However, there are certain details they need to remember. The Operator is not available for free to unlock by completing some challenges or quests.

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The Lilith Operator is there in MWII’s store for 2,400 COD Points, which is equivalent to $19.99. Below is a list of all the items featured in the bundle apart from the main character:

  • “Blood Petal” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • “Eternal Conflict” SMG Weapon Blueprint
  • “Daughter of Hatred” Finishing Move.
  • “Wretched Death” Vehicle Skin
  • “Altar of Lilith” Weapon Charm
  • “Lilith’s Call” Sticker
  • “Lilith’s Throne” Loading Screen
  • “Summon Lilith” Emblem

What’s more in store for COD fans in 2023?


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Meanwhile, hardcore franchise lovers are currently also waiting for the upcoming FPS premium from Activision. Modern Warfare 3 is the game that will arrive next month. Developed by Sledgehammer’s team, it will bring a revamped experience, especially when it comes to the Multiplayer format. There will be a comeback of classic movement mechanics alongside the iconic maps. A total of 16 remastered maps will return from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

Then, there’s an open-world Zombies mode too. It will be based on a PvE structure which will require players to go against large hordes of the undead. They will get to either form teams together or go solo. The main objective of this mode will be to loot items and extract them successfully.


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Last but not least, the traditional Campaign will also come back as usual. It will receive a unique feature called open-combat missions. Players will be able to craft new tactics and strategies in order to complete certain quests. In a way, they will get a feel of being in an open-world setting, instead of sticking permanently to a linear approach.

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