WATCH: Disguised Toast Pull Off 1000IQ Move in Among Us Mod

February 19, 2021 6:26 pm

Among Us’ breakout success in 2020 enabled many streamers to achieve celebrity status. This indie title breathed new life to gaming industry, and also to the InnerSloth, as the title made the lesser known studio famous. Streamers like Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, Corpse Husband, and Fuseli became household names.

Out of all the newly discovered entities, Disguised Toast rose to fame because of his amazing high IQ plays in Among Us lobbies.

Viewers flocked to his stream to see this mega mind at work, as he displayed exceptional deduction skills. The community also regards him as one of the best, if not the best, Among Us players in the world because of his innate skill.

Following the success of the title, it also paved the way for community mods to take over the game, giving rise to mods like Proximity chat, Jester, and 100 players.

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In one of the recent streams, Disguised Toast displayed yet another high IQ move inside the Jester mod. Check out his exceptional play in the video below that essentially turned the round into a speed run.

video source: Toast Fans

Disguised Toast is the smartest Jester

This game mode introduces a spicy new twist to the general Among Us lobby. Instead of playing a standard Crewmate vs Impostor game, this mod adds another important character in Jester. Unlike Crewmates, Jester’s sole purpose inside the lobby is to attract everyone’s attention in order to be voted off the spaceship. If Jester gets voted off, then he wins the round, and if he is slain by the Imposter or left alive, he will lose.

This adds an interesting layer of complexity, as Jester would purportedly draw attention towards himself. This could prove to be either helpful to Imposter or the Crew mates, as it will further narrow down suspects. Disguised Toast knew this very well, and he intentionally used the words ‘Imposter has to kill me’ before hinting at stream sniping.

This paved the way for the imposter to redirect their votes towards him, along with drawing the ire of the crewmates. The entire lobby never entertained the thought of him being a Jester. The impressive use of carefully chosen words enabled him to fool an entire lobby into voting against him, as it made him an imminent threat to everyone.

Who else can pull off an impressive speed run if the quick-witted Disguised Toast, who is famous for making such prominent plays.

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