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WATCH: Mike Tyson, Known For His Immense Aggression, Gets Tamed By a Nintendo Classic

Published 04/23/2022, 11:10 AM EDT

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It is no easy task to tame the most daunting heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson so easily. The former heavyweight champion is known to be the most violent man inside the square circle with over 40 knockouts to his name.

America’s Favorite Video Today

But video games carry a special spell under their wing that can even tame ‘Iron’ Mike and bring out a different side of him that the world has never seen. Despite not being an ardent fan, Tyson understood that Esports is the future and the best thing to do is to simply get involved in it.


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video source: ESPN Esports

Tyson made his first appearance at ESPN when he was just 15-year-old, long before he ever turned to the pro circuit. He stated that at first he did not understand it but slowly esports grew on him. He began to not only understand but respect it all the more and it is evident in the aforementioned clip.

Mario Kart Racing turns Mike Tyson into a baby

A couple of games of Mario Kart Racing 8 brought a different side of him out. Not only did he have a great time playing the game, but it seemed to reach out to his inner child. Tyson at every step of the way seemed dialed into the game and even reacted to numerous things.
He picked out his favorite car and presented an absolutely wholesome reaction when he picked up the star power. Who doesn’t like invincibility in Mario Kart Racing? And it especially applies to ‘Iron’ Mike, as he once carried the same aura during his boxing career.
Together with Nintendo, Tyson has even helped build one of the legendary boxing titles in Mike Tyson Punchout. But sadly, Tyson claims he has never played the game.


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Mario Kart is one of those games that can bring out a silly side of ours and is most enjoyable when played with friends. Seeing one of the world’s greatest knockout artists embrace this side of him is indeed relatable for hardcore gamers. The joy of racing amongst your friends and decimating each other with varied power-ups truly made the entire experience memorable.
Do you miss the long-gone 8-bit era of gaming? Which Nintendo title was your favorite? Share your thoughts


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