WATCH: Pokimane Sizzles With a Soccer Ball at Her Feet Despite Her Hilarious Confession

Published 05/21/2022, 1:30 PM EDT

Pokimane is known for her sharp reflexes when it comes to the most challenging gaming titles. One has to really try out to beat her in a match. However, the same cannot be said about her physical abilities, though, when it comes to playing outdoor games.

Well fans got to witness this once when Pokimane, along with her friends from OfflineTV, decided to spend a day playing soccer. Not to mention that the eventual result of the tussle between them all was a single-handed affair.

When Pokimane confessed about her soccer skills


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It was in 2018 when OfflineTV members went for an entire day playing a soccer match against each other. The roster included the likes of FedMyster, Lilypichu, Scarra, Mark, Josh, and Pokimane.

Firstly, it all began with the warm-up exercises where everyone did stretching before actually going head-to-head against each other in a 3v3 game.

As you can see in the video, above, Pokimane also revealed some unknown secrets about her soccer life and overall interest in the game. During the first few minutes of the clip, she revealed that physical activity is not her thing. And she’s more comfortable spending most of her time sitting.

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Unfortunately, though, this time she had to participate in a match while showing her capabilities. But it seemed like she was slightly interested in having a good time in the match even though it wasn’t her comfort zone. After all, she was playing with her friends which was more important than anything else.

When it comes to the match itself, there were two teams comprising three players each. While FedMyster was the captain of his squad consisting of Scarra and Pokimane, the other team had Josh, Mark, and Lilypichu.

During the match, Imane Anys also revealed another secret; this time it was about her soccer skills. Her teammates had an assumption that she was good at football given her past high school experience. But according to Pokimane, herself, she wasn’t good at the sport, especially in terms of juggling the ball.


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Nonetheless, the match proceeded further, and quite obviously, FedMyster emerged as the star of the show. By the end of the video, he had successfully scored three goals to eventually lead his team to a stunning victory against their opponents. The latter couldn’t score a single goal by the way.

Meanwhile, as expected, everyone felt quite enthusiastic after this soccer game. It was nice to see the entire crew taking out time to enjoy in such a fun manner. Not to mention that Twitch star Pokimane looked stunning and charming as ever during the entirety of the match.


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