WATCH: PS5 vs PS4 vs PC First Comparison of God of War

Published 01/15/2022, 2:16 PM EST

Santa Monica Studio just launched the awaited PC port version of God of War. Expectedly, it has got a great response so far from most of the fans. While the game performs fine on PC, it is important to have an overall overview of how the game performs on PC in comparison to its PS5 and PS4 counterparts.

A YouTube channel, named ElAnalistaDeBits, recently uploaded a video on God of War’s PC gameplay comparison with PS5 and PS4 versions. Thanks to the detailed analysis, those who are curious to learn about how well the game performs on each device will be able to develop a proper understanding of the game’s performance.


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God of War gameplay on PC vs PlayStation 5 vs PlayStation 4

In their video, ElAnalistaDeBits used the Nvidia RTX 3080 with the up-to-date graphics driver from Nvidia. In case anyone missed it, God of War’s PC port just released on January 14. And the analytical video was posted hours after its debut. To get a good loading time, the channel used NVMe Corsair MP600 PRO.

Going into details, the PC port’s setting for shading surprisingly enhances the frames of God of War. Apart from increasing the resolution, this specific setting also provides added shadows, which weren’t even present in the console versions for PS5 and PS4.

In terms of loading time, God of War on PC takes less to load than the PS5 and PS4. While the game took 22.20 seconds and 28.43 seconds on the PS5 and PS4 respectively, it took just 11.26 seconds on the PC.

God of War on PC also features support for UltraWide screens, and a setting called ‘Original’. The latter tries to emulate configurations present in the PlayStation titles of the blockbuster game.

However, the PC version lacks several other settings found in the console versions such as Depth of Field, Field of View, and Draw Distance.

In terms of frames, it’s shown that God of War gets an increase of around 35 FPS when running with Nvidia’s DLSS. Compared to AMD’s FSR (Fidelity FX Super Resolution), the DLSS is much better. Simply because the latter gives a better quality when reconstructing the images from a similar resolution.


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Furthermore, the use of G-Sync/Freesync technology highly boosts the response time. On the PS5 and PS4, this wasn’t the case, so the developing team should be credited for doing a good job of optimization on the whole.

What are your thoughts on the PC performance of God of War? Have you played it so far since the initial launch?


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