Watch: TimTheTatMan Get Annoyed by Tilted Towers, Nickmercs and Cloakzy

December 4, 2020 4:39 pm

TimTheTatman has finally returned to regularly streaming Fortnite. It seems like the good old glory days of the game are set to make a return. With each passing day, more famous streamers like Tfue, Nickmercs, Cloakzy, and Ninja are returning to the game.

Recently, an incident involving Nickmercs, Cloakzy, and Tilted Towers aggravated Tim so much that he refused to play with them in the area at all.

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The first trip to Tilted Towers literally tilted TimTheTatMan

Players usually play the first few rounds of any Battle Royale as trial runs. These forgettable rounds are only used to get comfortable with the game. Cloakzy just wanted to do the same thing- take things easy before dropping straight into Tilted Towers and kick-start a gunfight. A notable strategy that everyone has used as a warm-up. If you don’t jump into a gunfight, you won’t get the much-needed practice.

An innocent mistake on Cloakzy’s part was missing his landing on the towers, leaving Tim and Nickmercs all on their own.  To make matters worse, as soon as Tim landed, he was taken out, leaving Nick to die soon after. This incident inevitably tilted Tim to a point of no return, who let out a volley of curses and visible disgust for the area. He vowed that he will never land with them if they continue to go there.

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The follow-up trip to Tilted Towers

Nick, alongside Cloakzy, underestimated Tim’s hatred for Tilted Towers. They followed it up with the same strategy, thinking that Tim is just bluffing them, but lo-and-behold, more chaos ensued.

After they both landed on the towers, Nick found an SMG but was gunned down just as quickly.  Cloakzy managed to frag two enemies with his pickaxe, but failed to clutch the fight. He screamed and yelled for help from Tim, but he was nowhere to be seen. With this incident, it surely seems like TimTheTatMan is not going to offer you any help if you land on Tilted Towers.

Fortnite has so far attracted the majority of their biggest streamers back to the game with the commencement of season 5. The game seems reminiscent of what it was a couple of years ago, with big-name players and all the hype, alongside two blockbuster events in the bag.

Fortnite will hope to continue their glittering run in 2021, as the year of the pandemic year draws to a close.

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