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WATCH: YouTuber Buys Most Expensive $1,700 Steam Game Twice, Which Fails to Play!

Published 10/02/2022, 9:00 AM EDT

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Have you ever bought an overly costly title, from a digital store front like Steam, that ends up being unplayable? It can be described as the most nightmarish experience one can have in life. But a highly unfortunate YouTuber once witnessed it in real time!

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This person was none other than LazarBeam, who ended up burning his pocket while spending thousands of dollars on purchasing multiple gaming titles. However, he was left devastated when he couldn’t actually run one game in particular, being worth $1,700 on Steam, due to a massive reason. On a side note, he bought this game twice!


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LazarBeam fails to play a Steam game he bought twice for $3,400!

Lannan Neville Eacott, aka LazarBeam, is known for his prowess in many popular titles. Being a gamer, it makes sense for him to keep exploring new options, especially when having a lot to spend. Keeping this in mind, the YouTuber once decided to shell out thousands of dollars on buying various games that costed extremely higher than normal titles.

To begin with, he bought some games that were around $280 or $300. LazarBeam, however, wanted the most expensive game, no matter what. So he kept on searching on Steam, which houses multiple titles in different categories. Upon grinding for some time, LazarBeam managed to find a game called Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience. It was available for an earth-shattering price of $1,700!


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But since the YouTuber wanted to buy a costly title, he went for it. Since he didn’t have the proper gear to play it, he asked his friend to try it. However, he later realized that it was, in fact, a VR game that forced him to buy it again, spending a total of $3,400.

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To their disappointment, this VR game was unplayable because LazarBeam’s friend also didn’t exactly have the right gear to run it properly. Not to mention that the YouTuber was extremely upset with his decision to spend so much money, twice, for a game that didn’t even run. He wondered if they could have a refund, but probably it wasn’t available as well, adding to LazarBeam’s misery.


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What are your thoughts on this incident? Also, have you ever tried to purchase a very expensive game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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