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“We Will Drink Wine in Valhalla”- Announcing a Retirement From Mario Party Speedruns, Ludwig Enjoys the Charm of Wearing the Ultimate Crown

Published 05/29/2023, 11:50 AM EDT

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Ludwig Anders Ahgren, known simply as Ludwig, is an American live streamer, YouTuber, podcaster, eSports commentator, and competitor. Ludwig gained significant recognition for his engaging live streams on Twitch, starting in 2018 and extending through late 2021. In the following years, Ludwig move to YouTube and continued making gaming-related content such as ‘Let’s Plays’ and challenge runs. 

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Recently the former Twitch top dog Ludwig stunned the whole internet with his latest feat in the speedrunning world. The YouTuber beat all the previous feats to crown himself with a world record in Mario Party Superstars. Following his unbelievable feat, Ludwig took to social media to share his achievement.

Ludwig becomes the ‘Best Mario Party player in the world’


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Recently, Lud embarked on an epic journey during his latest marathon-like stream that stretched over seven hours. His mission? A grinding speedrun of Mario Party Superstars. As time slipped away, Ludwig faced a pivotal moment, driven by an unwavering determination to achieve the seemingly impossible—a sub-1:50 completion time. Every ounce of his energy and focus was poured into this game as the YouTuber clutched himself to grab the ultimate victory. 

The chat held their breath, eagerly witnessing Ludwig’s final push. And then, against all odds, he accomplished the extraordinary feat. The climactic finale hinged on the ultimate challenge: the Burnstile mini-game. With unwavering precision and spirit, as the seconds ticked away, Ludwig’s skills were put to the test. 


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But in the end, Lud was successful in accomplishing the incredible feat of completing a sub-1:50 run in Mario Party Superstars. On Twitter, Lud celebrated the win by sharing a list of all the record holders and saying he is, “OFFICIALLY THE BEST MARIO PARTY PLAYER IN THE WORLD”

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But unfortunately, Ludwig also shared the bitter news that he won’t be participating in Mario Party challenge in the future. He said, “this is also my retirement announcement from Mario party superstars speedruns to all future wr holders we will drink wine in valhalla.” In his last moments as a Mario Party speedrunner, the YouTuber challenged other creators and speedrunners to take a shot at the challenge. 

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Ludwig shared how the previous record holder, Japanese Speedrunner ‘Hec’ may soon attempt the speedrun and most probably beat his score, and take the bar even higher. But till then, Ludwig can boast and brag as much as he wants, for being the official best Mario Party player. 

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