“What a Chad!”- Elon Musk Startles Halo Infinite Fans With His Difficulty Settings

Published 02/01/2022, 3:26 PM EST

The Halo series has a little something for everyone. The iconic franchise has been designed in such a way that no matter what a player’s interests are, they will find what they want in Halo. For fans of unique storytelling, there is the campaign. For players who are looking for competitive PvE, the game series features an immaculate multiplayer. Players who want a sense of achievement can complete the game mode in the revered difficulty setting, legendary.

Elon Musk has been making waves with news of him playing the franchise’s latest iteration, Halo Infinite. In fact, to everyone’s surprise, the CEO is playing the game’s campaign in the hardest difficulty possible, legendary.


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Elon Musk surprises fans by playing Halo on legendary

Elon Musk took to his official Twitter account to congratulate 343 Industries for doing a fine job with Halo Infinite.

The CEO said,” Halo Infinite campaign is good.”

Fans of Elon Musk were quite elated. It is no surprise that a number of the fans of Elon Musk are also fans of the Halo franchise. Considering that a large part of both of these entities revolves around science and space exploration, it makes sense.

Continuing the thread, Elon Musk had some comments about the difficulty of the campaign as well.

The game’s official Twitter account had quite a flattering comment for the CEO. They quite smartly complemented the SpaceEx CEO on his endeavors. The account drew parallels with Musk’s earlier work.

They said that while the game on legendary is tough, so is landing a rocket on a barge. This is something the CEO has done in the past and in the eyes of the game’s creators, it is no small feat.

Fans of the game added their own inputs and related to how tough certain segments of the campaign are on legendary. A lot of the player base was also quite elated to know that Musk plays Halo Infinite on legendary difficulty.

“What a Chad,” a fan says about Elon Musk playing game on legendary.


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All in all, this looks like good publicity for the franchise. Adding on to fans’ excitement, Halo is all set to premiere a live-action series this March.


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