What Does a ‘Single-Use Restricted’ PlayStation Mean? How Can Fans Acquire It?

Published 02/20/2022, 2:29 PM EST

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Have you encountered a situation where you were not able to grab a PlayStation 5 even after multiple attempts? Well, that’s been the case ever since the latest generation console was released worldwide.

PlayStation 5 has become such a luxury that many of the hardcore gaming fanatics mostly end up paying double the price in certain circumstances. The latter applies to those third-party platforms that somehow manage to acquire the devices and then resell them to potential buyers for an unbelievable amount.

Well, it seems like Walmart, one of the biggest retailers globally, came up with the idea of ‘Single-Use Restricted PlayStation 5’, for such situations. Recently, witnessing such PlayStation units on Walmart has become common for most buyers.


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Single use restricted: Does it mean to be restricted to one person?

To make it clear, single-use restricted procedures are meant to help actual human buyers successfully get a PlayStation 5. Walmart came up with this initiative following instances when bots bought all the stocks of the console. The bots are usually set up by those dealers who take the stocks and then resell them at a very high price.

Generally, when trying to purchase online, people add the items to their cart and then proceed to check out. But due to the problem of bots getting the units, people end up having their orders canceled most of the time. Because one cannot match the speed of bots that acquire the consoles within seconds.


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Even if you somehow manage to have the product in your cart, the final order won’t reach you due to empty stocks.

Thus, Walmart unveiled the single-use restricted PlayStation 5 units. This is a great way for the consumers who genuinely want to buy the product, and that too, without any hindrance.

As the name suggests, the single-use restricted PS5 models have a single-use private buy link, given by Walmart, in order to purchase the console. This is for those situations when one’s order gets canceled despite making a checkout, due to lack of availability.

What can you use the single use restricted console for?

This method is very helpful in enabling the human buyers, not the bots, to make successful purchases of PlayStation 5.

Apart from slowing down the bots, this method can be vital in protecting genuine buyers from the bots. And also to provide them with the consoles, using the private links, for one-time use. All things considered, you can make good use of this method if you actually want to purchase a PS5 console without facing any kind of trouble.

Since it’s quite clear from the term itself, the single-use restricted device is the same as the regular PlayStation 5. Apart from the name that these stocks carry, everything else is the same.

Where can you buy it?


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As already mentioned, since the method was introduced by Walmart, interested users can go to the retail store’s online platform. There you can search and find the single-use restricted PS5 consoles, along with the regular models listed.

Now that you know what single-use restricted PlayStation 5 means, you can definitely go ahead and proceed to buy the console of your dreams. Although it doesn’t mean that you will always find the product. Because ultimately, it all depends on the availability of stocks with regard to the retailer.

However, this kind of initiative from Walmart, in terms of offering a genuine way of providing the consumers with the units, will be crucial in the long run.


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Are you currently looking to get a PlayStation 5 right now but haven’t been able to get your hands on it due to a lack of stocks? Also, have you tried the method of single-use restricted models?  Let us know your views in the comments.

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