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What Was NFL Superstar Tom Brady’s Rating in His Madden Franchise Debut?

Published 01/30/2022, 3:00 PM EST

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The Madden franchise has held Tom Brady as one of its most precious entities, given the sheer amount of achievements the quarterback has received throughout his career. However, Brady started out with quite humble ratings when he debuted in Madden 2001.

Let’s have a look at how his ratings progressed through the years with various installments in the series.


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Tom Brady and his ratings throughout all the 22 seasons in Madden NFL

Tom Brady’s first season in Madden’s NFL simulation game started with Madden 2001, where he was rated 57. In that installment, he was known as ‘QB#12’, where he was a fourth-string quarterback for the Patriots, with an overall rating of 57.

He did not feature in the PS1, PS2, and N64 versions of Madden NFL 2002. However, he does feature in the GameCube and Xbox version of Madden 2002 with an overall rating of 51.


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The most monumental event in his career that led to a jump in his Madden ratings was winning the Super Bowl on 3rd February 2002. That’s when his ratings were bumped up to 84 for Madden 2003. Since then, Brady’s rating has mostly been in the 90s. He was even rated 99 for Madden 08, Madden 09, and Madden 12.


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The most crucial aspects to look for in Tom Brady while playing Madden NFL are his high throwing accuracy, throwing power, and awareness ratings. Brady has the most ideal traits for being a pocket passer because of his low speed, agility, and acceleration ratings. Furthermore, his average accuracy is quite commendable when throwing on the run.

Tom Brady has featured as the cover for Madden NFL 2018 and shares the cover with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes with Madden 22. In Madden 2020, Tom debuted for the first time as a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after appearing for almost 19 years with the New England Patriots.


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Brady’s legendary career is as decorated as they come. Fans all over the world and the young generation of NFL players will forever look up to the legend that is Tom Brady.

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