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While Starfield Got Delayed, Phil Spencer Considered Bringing Dark Souls Trilogy to Xbox Game Pass

Published 09/20/2023, 9:18 AM EDT

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The Microsoft console giants had a plan ready to bring the Dark Souls trilogy to Game Pass. The buzz around Microsoft is at an all-time high. Surprisingly, not all of its credit goes to the latest Xbox exclusive Starfield! The sudden limelight to trends for Microsoft has been incepted by probably the biggest leak in recent times. In one similar frame, fans have realized they could have gotten the Dark Souls trilogy on Xbox Game Pass, and here’s how.

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Ever since the community was subjected to the massive leaks from the FTC vs. Microsoft case, it has sparked a series of “what if theories” for gamers. The hot-running streak of discussions is fueled by another speculation after the leaked reports suggested the Xbox chief had a backup ready against Starfield. Well, one of the most visionary ‘disaster management” tactics is now under community scrutiny. 

Dark Souls franchise to compensate for the delay with Starfield? 


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The most recent leaks have revealed some of the most shocking insights into Microsoft’s blueprint to console domination. However, legal trouble for the Call of Duty acquisition now followed by a historic leak had other plans for the developers. The past few years of Xbox strategies to the console rivalry are now all over the internet. Among all these leaks, there’s one tangent that uncovered an enormous backup plan Xbox had to compensate for the Starfield delay. 

An internal conversation between the gaming management heads has unmasked the ‘alternative’ plans of the console giant. The aim was to not let the traffic get away from the Xbox Game Pass. The makers were certainly aware of the hype Starfield’s development had built among the community. But back in 2022, there were no concrete grounds for bankability on Starfield as the game was facing constant delays. Thus, Phil Spencer, the Xbox chief, had come up with a genius vision.


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Phil Spencer wanted to continue the elite portfolio of Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately with Starfield being nowhere near a strong announcement back then, the look for alternatives was at its peak. “Another option with the hit factor around Elden Ring is to try to go get all of the Dark Souls games and make a push with FROM and an Elden Ring upsell”, Spencer had mailed his team. 


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The concerns for Xbox Exclusives back in 2022

Although the sole motive for bringing FromSoftware’s creation Dark Souls trilogy to the Game Pass was to fill the void of Starfield hold-up, the conversation that followed teases the larger picture. Concerns over this year’s Game Pass’s dearth of exclusive content were also expressed in the leaked email. The lineup as a whole has been disappointing, despite some releases like Hi-Fi Rush and Starfield. Spencer urged the group to concentrate on creating a successful plan as he realized the need for a stronger strategy.

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Besides Dark Souls, there were also some other suggestions made to bring to the Pass. These include giants like Lego Star Wars, Dying Light 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Mortal Kombat 1. After all these leaks, it’s almost certain that Microsoft isn’t moving from the gamer spotlight anytime soon. 

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