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Meet Valeria, the Murderous Villain in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Who Has Broken the Internet

Published 11/08/2022, 8:26 AM EST

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One of the biggest reasons for Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’s astronomical success are its characters. Without a doubt, the 2022 premium from Activision features some of the best voice acting performances in a video game, in recent years. But while there’s been a growing rage for Ghost’s presence, a new antagonist known as Valeria, has inevitably caught everyone’s attention.

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In Modern Warfare II, Valeria is initially introduced as an assassin, who’s later revealed to be none other than El Sin Nombre. Call of Duty players meet her during in an interrogation sequence in which she truly shows her might. You can’t lie to her because doing so will cost you your life, in a snap. Ever since fans started playing the Campaign, this villain has broken the internet (that’s an understatement).


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But who is actually behind this character who’s instantly become one of Call of Duty’s most iconic villains? Let’s find out.

Maria Elisa Camargo is the voice actress for Valeria Garza in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Yes, Ecuadorian actress Maria Elisa Camargo is the real face behind the most popular Modern Warfare II character these days. She lends her voice to Valeria Garza aka El Sin Nombre. She has also modeled for the design of the character with the help of motion capture technology. Last month, before the release of the game, she had posted a picture on Twitter, while being on the set in her costume.

For those who didn’t know about her prior to the new Call of Duty, the 36-year-old actress started her career in South American TV shows. In mid 2000s, she got her first major role in a series called La Marca del Deseo. The latter ran for 120 episodes from 2007 to 2008.


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After that, she also had a crucial role in a TV show titled Verano de Amor, a year later. She performed lead roles in several other shows as well, like Porque el Amor Manda, En Otra Piel, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, and Tarde lo Conocí.

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Maria Elisa Camargo is thankful to the community for making Valeria huge

As for playing Valeria, Maria Elisa Camargo is very happy to witness the love given to the character by the fans. She expressed her thoughts in an Instagram post last month, just days before Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’s worldwide debut. She described her experience of working on the game as “JOY”. Moreover, the actress also credited the role of Valeria for the rise in her followers on the platform.

“Such an honor to feel accepted by the Call of Duty community. Amazed and overwhelmed with all the comments in my social media (I read them ALL)…And the game isn’t even out yet! WOW. GRACIAS de Corazón.” wrote Maria.


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Talking more about her performance as Valeria, then it’s simply majestic. There’s no question about it. She literally steals the show in every scene from the Campaign of Modern Warfare II. Maria Elisa Camargo’s style gives her the much-needed edge even over the iconic veterans such as Captain Price and Ghost.

Simply put, she bites through them with the most perfect one-liner dialogues. Apart from that, her backstory is also quite interesting to see as it ties in with the Task Force 141 member Alejandro. All things considered, Valeria is here to stay for a long time to come, giving tough competition to Ghost, who’s usually regarded as the most beloved character in Call of Duty history.


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Well, it seems like the history is set to change going forward.

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