Why Nintendo Fans Should Consider the 3DS Instead of the All-Conquering Switch As Their Next Console

Published 02/19/2022, 2:55 PM EST

When it comes to having the best portable console, Nintendo mostly competes with itself. The reason is the insane popularity of its two best devices to date: the Switch and the 3DS.


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Although one can clearly make a very easy decision to go for Nintendo Switch, the 3DS still holds its ground, even in 2022. But how does it challenge the Switch, especially when considering the company will soon end support for the decade-old device?

Well, there are several key reasons why you should actually pick up a 3DS instead of the Switch right now.


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Why Nintendo 3DS is better than the Switch

In terms of portability, both these products compete with each other. However, giving it a second thought, you will realize that the 3DS is easier to carry and hold than the Switch. All thanks to the design of the 3DS, which makes it possible to keep the screen scratch-free, unlike the Switch.

While the Switch is a singular screen with buttons on either side, the Nintendo 3DS itself acts as a case. Simply because you don’t need one, compared to the Switch for which you will definitely require a cover to carry it while traveling. The 3DS just feels more comfortable in hands.

Moreover, the 3DS is also slightly lighter in terms of weight.

Talking more about the design of these two, then the Switch resembles a high-end version of the past gen Wii U. On the other hand, 3DS is having more screen area when counting both its display on the top and bottom (since it’s foldable).

Is 3DS more powerful than the Switch?

The 3DS comes with a lower resolution screen of 800×240 while the Switch (portable version) has a resolution of 1280×720. Clearly, the latter wins in terms of offering a better-looking gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the Switch takes its power from an Nvidia customized Tegra processor while the 3DS has an ARM11 MPCore quad-core chip inside. Here also, Nintendo Switch takes the lead. But that’s not a reason to give it an edge over the 3DS.

Since it has less power to consume, the 3DS has a slightly longer battery backup than the Switch. It can give you an average of 7 hours of gameplay while the Switch will last up to 6 hours.

And yes, the 3DS also has a front camera, along with the backside. The Switch just lacks any kind of camera on either side.

When talking about connectivity, then the Switch has a little edge, offering the functionality of Bluetooth.

Shedding extra light on the performance, then the 3DS, although it’s old now, offers a lot through the vast library of previously launched titles. Plus, the object rendering and textures are also neat when viewing, despite the screen being of a lower resolution than the Switch.

But then again, the Switch has its own strengths in delivering what it’s capable of. With its Tegra chipset, it has enough power to run through any title you play on it. And that’s a huge plus, considering it’s only a portable console, unlike other bigger devices like the PS4 or the Xbox One.

However, Nintendo 3DS is still relevant and can offer you a decent gameplay experience. Also, it offers a built-in software tool, and that increases its appeal.

Reasons to buy the Nintendo 3DS than Switch

Now comes the most important part that will surely convince you to buy the 3DS over Switch. Apart from having a plethora of awesome games to enjoy (despite them being old now), it remains in the stocks.

Generally, you won’t find a Nintendo Switch easily. On the other hand, the 3DS always and mostly remains available in case you feel an urge to play instantly. Also, the 3DS is cheaper than the Switch. Even the 2DS models, if you go for a second-hand version, cost less than the Lite variant of the Switch.

Another crucial reason to purchase a 3DS is that it won’t force you to spend extra, unlike the Switch. The latter, though it is mostly priced aggressively, comes with some caveats. Simply because in order to upscale the experience, you will need to spend more money on buying additional controllers.

Plus, to charge the Switch away from the dock, you will also have to purchase a separate power adapter. Taking all these things into account, you could end up shelling out over or close to $500, without even considering your expense on the games that you will play on the Switch.

Ultimately, if you are someone who wants to just walk out of the home and enjoy gaming on the move at a cheaper price, the 3DS is a no-brainer whatsoever.


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All things considered, Nintendo 3DS seems to be a valuable product, even in 2022, having a special place in the hearts of hardcore fanboys.

Which gaming console do you prefer between these two? Are you an ardent 3DS lover or a follower of the Switch?

When buying your favorite device, what criteria do you use while making a decision?


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