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Why Did Nintendo Once Ban the Fan-Favorite Roblox Game?

Published 11/04/2022, 7:03 AM EDT

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Roblox is a famous game creation platform in the gaming community. This program allows gamers and developers to develop games that they can later enjoy with others. After the success of the Korean thriller-survival show Squid Game, fans created a video game using this program.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Similarly, there are many video games on the platform. But some games rise to great heights, and one of those games was Pokemon Brick Bronze. As the game’s name suggests, it was based on the famous Nintendo game series. But that’s where the problem began, and the Roblox game got shut down.


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Pokemon Brick Bronze got shut down for this reason

Pokemon Brick Bronze was an adventure game created on Roblox. It had a similar storyline to most of the PocketMonster games by Nintendo. Further, this Roblox game has no connection to the original series. All official Pokemon games were created by Game Freak, while this Roblox one was by independent developers.

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An independent team of developers called Llama Train Studio created Brick Bronze. The adventure game had 3D block-style graphics similar to the other Roblox games. But for the Pokemons, they used a pixelated version of their 3D model. This game came out in 2015 and, at one point, had thousands of active players all the time.


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But in 2018, the fans and developers of this game received a huge blow. The Roblox administrators removed the game from the platform because Nintendo was planning to take legal action against the platform. After all, the copyrights to Pokemon belonged to the Japanese giants.


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Further, Nintendo has a history of being strict about its projects and items. They have taken severe action against those who tried to copy their games or consoles. So, it was only a matter of time before these Japanese giants went after Pokemon Brick Bronze.

Was Nintendo right to ban the Roblox game?

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Pokemon is one of the best-selling video game series by Nintendo. The popularity of this series has also got the Japanese giants various adaptations like anime, movies, and merchandise. Undoubtedly, Nintendo earned big bucks from those deals. So, they wouldn’t like to see someone else making a profit from their content.


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It was a sensible decision that Nintendo made to ban the Pokemon Brick Bronze. What do you think about the fan-favorite Roblox game getting banned?



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