Will Boosting Ultimately Hurt Valorant and Riot Games in the Future?

Published 06/21/2022, 1:45 PM EDT

Managing to get past the initial ranks of gold and platinum in Valorant is a notable feat considering the amount of competition. Winning matches becomes harder as you climb ranks and in some cases, players find themselves unable to head past their position on the ladder.


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In the world of Valorant boosting, players hire professionals to boost their ranks. Rank boosting has not only become a problem in Riot’s popular FPS, but also in several other competitive games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and more. Is there a solution? Apparently, not until the player base realizes how damaging this can become for the game’s future.


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Where does the need for Rank Boosting come from?

Video games are for everyone, as most prominent industry influencers will say. However, the gaming sphere is also a source of growing anxiety among adolescents and adults alike. Players are often subject to toxicity from their fellow teammates or even enemies. They, thus, suffer from performance anxiety, creating a sense of pressure to perform better.

We often come across gamers who previously loved playing competitive first-person shooters but started disliking the genre after a point. The immense competition in ranked games has only given players a reason to find an easy way out, rather than grinding for hours.

Rank boosting in Valorant is profitable?

Here’s a link to a short video where a notable creator shows a rate chart of a Valorant boosting service. The creator mentions the charges which are pretty high for carrying you from a single rank to another. To give an example, they charge $30 to rank up from Diamond I to Diamond II. They even charge around $25-$55 for a single-match win on Immortal.

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And note, this is just one among the several hundreds that make huge profits out of our insecurities. The above example, in itself, shows how big of a problem rank boosting is. However, it’s us, the player base, who are fueling such organizations.

In fact, some organizations conspire to sell boosted accounts too. Then, there are cheaters who boost up their ranks fast using a third-party program and sell the account to unsuspecting customers. A lot many times, such conspiracies also lead to players losing their hard-earned money due to scams.

Ranked Ladders in Valorant are crawling with boosters

At the moment, Valorant’s competitive ladder is infested with rank boosted accounts. As a result, many legit players are facing rank boosters as opponents, and thus, losing important matches at times. It’s quite difficult to face highly-skilled Immortal players when you are still on Bronze or Silver.

The opposite of this situation is also true when a Diamond player performs like a newbie. Welcome to the world of boosted accounts where the outcome is literally zero!

Riot Games doesn’t tolerate commercial rank boosting

While Riot Games strongly condemns such activities, it’s very hard for them to control such organizations or track down and ban such accounts on a regular basis. However, they do administer strict punishments on account-holders who are found guilty of participating in commercial boosting services.

For example, former pro-player Chrysania was found guilty of forming such an organization and was slapped with a 4-month ban. In fact, Rule 7.5 and Rule 7.2.9 of the Valorant Global Competition policy address the rank boosting problem in its entirety.


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Such practices may eventually affect Valorant and Riot Games, which is why they have a strict policy. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to track down such accounts as the trend to boost ranks increases every day.

In addition, prevailing rank-boosting activities also affect player experiences severely. This may eventually lead to legit players not playing the game enough or simply dropping out.


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Valorant is a tactical FPS that is a blend of fun and competition. Players shouldn’t violate official policies to gain unfair advantage of any kind. This not only subjects them to harsh punishments but also creates a confusing and unfair environment for legit players in the ranked queue.



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