“Will Buy 10,000 Acres Of…” – ‘Queen of Twitch’ Amouranth Makes a Million Dollar Promise While Slamming Onlyfans Cynics

Published 01/30/2023, 10:00 AM EST

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Amouranth has shut down cynics that have trolled women about making money from OnlyFans, and fans are loving it.

It all started when an OnlyFans model posted a tweet talking about earnings from the platform. Apparently, she wasn’t satisfied with the amount and also wanted to break the secrets about working on it. There, she explained that despite being in the top 37% of creators, she could make only a couple hundred bucks, so the people who think OnlyFans is an easy way of making money were wrong. 

Looking at this, a possible hater uploaded a meme featuring Amouranth. In that, the caption trolled the women posting content on OnlyFans, saying that they could dance simply for a few dollars. This somehow trigged the Twitch Queen as she added a staggering reply over it. Moreover, Amo even added the picture on her Twitter, trolling the hater in the funniest way possible.


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Amouranth slams OnlyFans haters, promises to buy 10,000 acres of ‘undeveloped wilderness’

On January 29, 2023, Amouranth trolled multiple OnlyFans haters. But one of them triggered her, as she had to slam him in the funniest way possible. Apparently, the user added a photo of Amouranth, turning it into a meme along with a disrespectful caption. 

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It read, “We call it female empowerment, and they will dance naked for the price of a cheeseburger.” Reading it, the streamer did not take it well, as it felt disrespectful to her individually and further the entire community. So, Amo pinned a funny response that shut the hater down then and there. 


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Amouranth said, “Will buy 10,000 acres of undeveloped wilderness (conservation status tax exemption ftw) and call it “cheeseburger ranch.” On top of that, she even added a few pictures to show a possible buy, churning ideas in every fan’s head. I mean, we all know Amo and her love for animals, so despite buying it as a joke, she would give her full attention to it. 

There have also been multiple instances where she claimed to build a ranch for her horses and even owned a dog shelter. So, even if the ASMR queen thinks of acquiring such a piece of land, it would give her enough space to build everything she loves. 


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Lastly, it is important to understand that Amouranth made $40 million from OnlyFans alone in 2022, so if someone disrespect’s her job, trolling would be a must. 

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