Capcom is just going on and on with everything it can do to establish itself as the best publisher and developer of 2013. They have already won the hearts of millions of gamers with titles like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6. It’s only a matter of time before fans get the next Resident Evil game, but it looks like whenever it launches, it will have something special going for it.

Capcom has been innovating with graphics technology ever since the start of this generation. From games like Resident Evil 7, Devil May Cry 5, and Resident Evil 2 Remake to 4 Remake, this quality has only gotten better. Yet Capcom already seems to have an upgrade for it!

Resident Evil 9 and Next Monster Hunter might use Capcom’s new and improved game engine!


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Capcom knows how to make a comeback; even though the company has never gone anywhere, it still had more than a few failures. Those games either did not meet expectations or strayed too far away from their initial style. This happened when Resident Evil 6 failed. And Capcom came back with a bang when it announced RE 7.

Resident Evil 7 was based on their new RE engine. The new direction of this series was accompanied by a brand-new game engine. This engine would evolve and add features like ray tracing and DLSS to the games. And now that Resident Evil 9 is on its way, Capcom has come out with yet another engine called REX or RE Next. This is not a very creative name, but this engine would combine the best of RE with new features such as a larger size of assets and better support for newer graphics technologies.

It goes without saying that Capcom would want to implement their new engine in Resident Evil 9. Maybe this engine’s development is the reason why RE 9 is taking so long to release. It supposedly will be released in the coming years. Then there’s also the next Monster Hunter title as well as the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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A large number of assets can also mean there’s a possibility of one Capcom property making a return. Yes, A Dead Rising would make good use of this asset feature. These games always have hundreds of zombies surrounding players at the same time.


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Fans would have to wait for any confirmation, though. They would get a better idea of this new game engine’s capabilities when Resident Evil 9 is announced.

What of the Nintendo Switch 2, though?

Whenever a new gaming technology is announced, the biggest question that arises in every gamer’s mind nowadays is: What about the Nintendo Switch or the Switch 2? Every developer and publisher has to make sure that their engines work on Nintendo’s hybrid console. And there’s a great reason for this: the console is still very relevant and pulls great sales numbers.


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RE Engine supported the first Switch console, though, as Monster Hunter Rise was built on it. This game had most of the engine’s features and ran flawlessly on Switch. Then there are very few chances of the next generation not working on Switch 2. Yet, as mentioned above, fans have to wait for the official announcement of the console to know for sure.

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