Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to YouTube content creation. The viral mastermind has redefined success on the red platform. As such, several of his videos have been absolute juggernauts, creating and breaking records. But in a surprising twist, the Will Smith-Chris Rock altercation has resulted in one of the YouTube maestro’s biggest records being decimated.

This stunning revelation comes barely a day after the infamous incident that took place at the Oscars. Not only did it stupefy Hollywood and audiences worldwide, but its impact is now being felt even by content creators.


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Will Smith breaks MrBeast’s colossal record

By now, the resounding echoes of Hollywood superstar Will Smith’s slap have traveled across the globe. The shocking incident took center stage at the Oscars, and will forever be associated with the 94th Academy Awards. Significantly, the moment only seems to be growing in importance as it has dwarfed MrBeast’s previous record. The YouTube star had released a real-world version of Squid Game late last year.

The video-based upon the massively popular Netflix show of the same name became a meteoric success. According to reporting by Comicbook, the video shattered some significant YouTube viewership records. In fact, MrBeast’s Squid Game garnered 43 million views within 24 hours. A spectacular feat, for sure.

However, the fresh prince’s blow to Chris Rock surpassed that by over 10 million more views!

The Guardian uploaded an uncensored version of the infamous moment recently. It showcases both the slap and the subsequent F-bombs. Chiefly, at the time of the aforementioned report, the video had already crossed 56 million views in barely one day.

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Furthermore, it has consistently hit #1 on YouTube’s trending page. Although it should be noted going viral is nothing new to MrBeast either. Additionally, his Squid Game video still dominates in terms of total viewership, with 234,951,596 views.


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But as Comicbook notes, with the plethora of videos showing the Oscars incident, it’s not farfetched to imagine the actual viewership might be closer to Jimmy Donaldson’s seminal creation.

It seems Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is only gaining more prominence as time goes on. But given his track record, MrBeast has a fair shot at snatching back his record.


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