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Will Spider-Man 2 Make Its Way to PC Sooner Than Its Predecessor?

Published 09/12/2023, 8:55 AM EDT

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The biggest talking point from PlayStation Showcase 2023 was Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2. The highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 game has a lot of hype among PlayStation users, especially with the addition of new villains like Venom, Lizard, Kraven, and the fan favourite symbiote spider suit. However, what has put off a lot of gamers is the series being a PlayStation exclusive. Even if it does come on the PC, it will surely be a long while. Spider-Man released on Steam in August 2022, four years after its PS launch. So how long do fans have to wait to get the upcoming sequel on the PC?

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While a port for PC will most likely come, the prospect of waiting a few years has PC users scared. However, according to a recent supposed update PC gamers can get Spider-Man 2 a lot sooner than they expected!

Is the Spider-Man 2 port expected to come in 2025?


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According to a user on Twitter (now known as X), the Spider-Man 2 port for PC could come out in 2025. While two years does seem like a lot of time, the wait time for the port is much shorter than what was seen for the first game.

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A 2025 release on PC is not totally out of the question. Although it took nearly four years for the first game’s PC port to come out, there is an argument to be made about Insomniac learning from the release. Since they know where the first game required work, Insomniac could get started on it early. Additionally, their experience porting the first game as well as the Miles Morales expansion can come in handy when working on Spider-Man 2’s port.


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Nixxes, the studio PlayStation worked with for the port, was great at working with the Insomniac engine. This is crucial since the Insomniac engine largely excelled on PlayStation consoles. The port felt smooth to play, especially considering its performance on the PS5.

Fans need to take this news with a grain of salt


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It is important to remember all of this is just speculation at the moment. Even if Insomniac does get started early, they have a massive task at hand. Spider-Man 2 is set to be bigger than both of the previous titles. The map will include Queens and Brooklyn, massively scaling up the size.

More importantly, a PC port coming in 2025 might not be the best thing for PlayStation. Exclusives like Spider-Man are a big way of pushing console sales. Even two years after its release, PlayStation might just risk a lot of revenue by releasing the port in 2025. If they do so, it would be similar to the way Final Fantasy 16 was a limited exclusive.


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That does not mean the Spider-Man 2 port will not come at all. It just means the expected release date of 2025 gets pushed ahead. It might even be positive news for PC gamers since it gives Insomniac more time to optimize the game. However, going by the tweet, it remains to be seen when the game gets a PC release, if it gets a PC release.

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