MrBeast has been breaking record after record for many years now. Currently, he is the most subscribed individual on YouTube. Jimmy and his crew go the extra mile for each and every video, and this effort is what maintains MrBeast’s crown as the most subscribed YouTuber. 

He surpassed the sensational PewDiePie’s lifetime subscriber count recently, in November 2022. Now, MrBeast has broken yet another record of PewDiePie.


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MrBeast surpasses yet another PewDiePie milestone

MrBeast, a couple of days ago, surpassed another of PewDiepie’s milestones. MrBeast’s ‘Squid Game in Real Life, which is the channel’s most-viewed video, has surpassed PewDiePie’s ‘B**ch Lasagna.’ This was PewDiePie’s most viewed video on his channel. The ‘Squid Game’ video from Jimmy now boasts more than 316 million views compared to PewDiePie’s ‘B**ch Lasagna’ which has around 314 million views.

This is not his first video to cross the 100 million benchmark for him. On average, MrBeast videos receive more than 100 million views. His ‘I spent 50 Hours Buried Alive’ video received over 200 million views. He has other channels as well, like MrBeast gaming, which is dedicated to his gaming streams and videos. 

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This is a remarkable achievement for MrBeast as he broke PewDiePie’s 2018 video within just one year. 

MrBeast recently reached 111 million followers and to commemorate this achievement, he decided to try his luck by buying 1,111 lottery tickets.  

This has been an eventful year for the young millionaire


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Jimmy’s crusade for more achievements would not stop here. He will surely continue to create his iconic videos. His fans are thrilled with his increasing popularity on the streaming platform. They are excited that their YouTube icon surpassed the Swedish YouTuber. 

What makes Donaldson unique is his humble personality. People can see him handing out ‘outrageous’ giveaways now and then. This makes his content stand out to the audience. Along with these, he also does insane videos too. Like his recent one, where he hydraulic pressed a Lamborghini!

Only time will tell what Jimmy and his pack of friends have in store for their devoted fans. Fans are expecting their Antarctica video soon. Though MrBeast has not officially announced a video on it, fans are excited nevertheless. 


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Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on this achievement from MrBeast? What record do you think will the young millionaire will next break? Share them in the comments below.