Wordle vs Squabble: How Do the Widely Popular Word Games Differ From Each Other?

Published 02/06/2022, 11:54 AM EST

Word Games fit perfectly in this hectic work life. They are easy to pick up whenever you feel like exercising the brain or to just have some relaxing time. Above all, unlike other video games, they are fairly easy to put down whenever you are ready to get back to real life. Word Games mainly focus on sharping your vocabulary, but the gameplay and exercises also add to the fun.

Interestingly, even in the era of big releases and popular titles like Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty, and more.


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Word Games are quite popular nowadays, all thanks to the new internet sensation, Wordle. It’s been trending all over the internet and is becoming more widely popular than ever. Here’s everything about it.

What is Wordle and how did it get so popular?

Probably you have already seen color boxes popping up all your social media feed. These are the answer boxes of this widely hyped title named, Wordle. The rules are pretty straightforward. The player has to guess a 5 letter word in six attempts. Green box color means the correct letter in the correct place, while a yellow color box means the correct letter in the wrong place. While the grey color indicates that the letter is not present in the target word.

You can keep trying for 6 times to guess the correct word. Once completed, players can also share their results on their social media handles.

Bonus point- it’s only one word per day, so you can’t really get addicted to this game and it’s fairly easy to put down to concentrate on other important stuff. It majorly acts as a quick brain exercise. Above all, it’s just the game, without any ads or menus.

Tips and Tricks – How to win Wordle every time.

The Wordle is a fairly simple game if you have good vocabulary skills. Here are some useful tips and tricks to get the word right more quickly and effectively.

Use vowels

How can we not mention vowels in this list, right? Make sure that you always start with vowels. Even if the vowel is not in its right spot, you can get a lot of ideas from it. Another thing players have to keep in mind is to never repeat a vowel/letter.

Take your time and think

Once you get 1-2 words correct, just take your time and think about all the possible words. Do not rush as the best strategy to get the word right is to play this mini-game like a strategy, puzzle game.

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It requires patience and making sure that you write the word and note down letter permutations on a notebook or notepad. Once you are convinced, just enter your guess to check.

Make letter combinations

One of the most important things to take into consideration while making letter combinations is to go with the most obvious ones. Get a dictionary to examine the target word after getting 3 words correct.

Pay extra attention to other details and result

Even if you are wrong, the games give a lot of details about your guess. Every single turn, even if it wasn’t correct, is important in Wordle as you’ll get to know about your mistake.

Take a slight break in between your guesses to freshen up your mind and look at the grid again. This will help you get more ideas.


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What is Squabble? How do you play it?

Squabble is the multiplayer version of Wordle in which you can play and compete with your buddies. For those players who are more into competitive games, Squabble is the right choice for you. The game allows up to 99 players in one game in which you can compete with other players. Interestingly, just like Wordle, players have to guess 5 letter words. However, in this case, the color of the boxes hints towards how close you are to your word.


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The rules are pretty simple as well. For every correct answer, you’ll get extra time for the next one. While other players, who are not able to guess the correct letter, have to work in the limited time reduction. To win this game, correct as many words as you can. The last man standing ultimately wins this word race.

What’s your favorite word game? Let us know in the comments below.



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