Xbox Leaves Canadians Disappointed With Their Latest Adidas Shoe Launch

Published 12/22/2021, 10:42 AM EST

2021 marks Xbox’s 20 year anniversary. As a part of this grand event, Xbox has partnered up with Adidas to release new sneakers. They have done up to 3 collaborations up until now. And they have come up with their 4th and final segment of this collaboration.


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However, to their disappointment, people from Canada will unfortunately not be able to get their hands on these sneakers.

Xbox Adidas partnership leave Canadians left out


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Xbox took to their official Twitter account to let fans know about the release of these sneakers. The sneakers are called the Xbox Forum Tech Boost.

Next-gen gaming meets next-gen style.

Get the @adidas Xbox Forum Tech Boost:


— Xbox (@Xbox) December 21, 2021

These sneakers have paved the way for a lot of excitement. However, Canadian users expressed their dismay about not being able to acquire these sneakers.

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No shipping in Canada?

— Maxime Lévesque🇨🇦 (@maxtbklevesque) December 21, 2021

Yeah, it says worldwide in the article, but they aren’t on the Canada site and the US one won’t ship to us

— Peggy 🎮🇨🇦 ☃️ {HGG} (@_Ophelia_Payne) December 21, 2021

So disappointed these are not available in Canada 😤

— Calicocat (@deadkandy) December 21, 2021

Another limited product not available in Canada 🤦🏻‍♂️ figure it out @Xbox we keep getting left out during the 20 year celebration

— Cameron Palmer (@Cameron12497561) December 21, 2021

Do you know Xbox will never be a popular brand around the globe if you keep making US only campaigns?

— Luca Vitali (@vitali_luca) December 22, 2021

I dont think it’s available in Canada :’(

— that guy (@sleezyweeb) December 21, 2021


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As it turns out, users from Canada cannot purchase these iconic sneakers. This is not all. What adds salt to the wound is the fact that the previous iterations of these shoes were available for Canadian users to purchase. 

While this might be an oversight on Microsoft’s part, users from Canada remain disappointed. Like all releases, these sneakers have been hoarded by scalpers and are all sold out. 

Only time will tell whether or not fans from Canada will get to purchase these sneakers again.


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