The Console Wars aren’t ending anytime soon. Both PlayStation and Xbox are trying all they can to come out on top. Fans on both sides also have their loyalties straight as they refuse to move camps. A recent Twitter post has once again fuelled the rivalry with a comparison video between the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, and the Xbox Series S. While both the Sony and Microsoft consoles have their individual strong points, fans are stunned to see how Xbox is generally the faster console among the two.

With the ongoing tension in the gaming console industry, the comparison video will surely tick off some fans while others will find a reason to show off their machines yet again.

Xbox goes toe-to-toe with PlayStation


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Since the verdict of the FTC-Microsoft case went in favor of the Xbox makers in the US, both Sony and Microsoft are bombarding the community with tons of new products and services. The battle to get the top position in the industry is ultimately benefitting the fans as they have a lot to choose from.

The PlayStation console remains the highest-selling gaming console with over five generations of technological advancement. However, Xbox isn’t far behind and is quickly catching up thanks to its new exclusive releases.

Despite this, it remains to be seen if Xbox can actually match up to PlayStation 5’s stunning market performance. A recent tweet may change the perception of those who believe the Xbox to be inferior to the PS5 consoles.

The Xbox Series S has been slammed numerous times for its poor hardware, which can cause hindrance in experiencing a game to its fullest potential. While criticism of this notion also exists, the recent tweet attempts to put the discussion to an end once and for all.

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The comparison video shows Xbox outperforms the PlayStation 5

In the tweet, the user compares the three consoles based on their performance with Remnant 2. While we can say that the PlayStation 5 loads the game faster than the Xbox Series X and S, when asked to quick-resume, the latter consoles win by a mile!


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Despite having a super-fast SSD to load games quicker, the PlayStation 5 took over 17 seconds to quick-resume Remnant 2. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X managed to load the game within 6 seconds, while its arguably weaker version did the same in just 7.28 seconds. With such a drastic difference in load time, PlayStation 5’s SSD doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to its performance.


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What do you think of the video and why do you think the PS5 falls behind Xbox consoles? Tell us your thoughts on this below in the comments.

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