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“You Have Been Permanently Destroyed”- Forsen Roasts xQc After Beating His Minecraft Speedrun Record, the Latter Readies for a Comeback

Published 03/23/2023, 8:40 AM EDT

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There has been a heated rivalry going on between the two Twitch stars FelixxQc Lengyel and Hans Eli “Forsen” Sebastian Fors. This duo has been breaking each other’s Minecraft speedrun records for a while.

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In January 2023, xQc broke Forsen’s record after trying to do so for two years. The 27-year-old set a new Minecraft speedrun of 20:05. Unlike Forsen, the Canadian streamer was unable to hold on to the record for a long time as he took the lead in this rivalry once again with a new record and left a message for his Minecraft speedrunning rival.

Forsen takes a dig at xQc after breaking his Minecraft record


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In 2021, Forsen set a Minecraft record of 20:38, which xQc was unable to beat until January 2023. xQc was excited to finish the game at 20:05 after failing multiple times. Even Forsen was impressed by Lengyel’s record and claimed to take baby steps towards learning techniques to break his record.

But Forsen didn’t need two years like his rival did, as he reclaimed his throne from xQc in March 2023 with a new record of 18:10. After setting this huge gap, he jokingly asked xQc on Twitter to quit streaming and start a new career. He claimed that the 27-year-old should be embarrassed with his latest Minecraft speedrun record of 20:05.


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Those who are thinking about what is so spectacular about Forsen’s record, then they should check the numbers. xQc only managed to beat his rival’s last record by 33 seconds. However, the 32-year-old Twitch streamer did not show any mercy as he set a new record, which is almost two minutes faster than xQc’s latest speedrunning time.

The Canadian Twitch star has promised to break the record soon

It was impossible for xQc to not react to his rival outperforming him once again. The 27-year-old replied to Forsen’s Tweet, where he claimed to break the new record in just a week. Further, he also advised the 32-year-old to not let his skills get “rusty”.


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xQc also reacted to Forsen’s new Minecraft speedrun gameplay. He was surprised to see how fast the Twitch streamer was completing the tasks to finish the game. However, Legyel also claimed that Forsen was just being lucky. He further accused his rival of using modified seeds.


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Do you think xQc would be able to defeat Forsen’s new Minecraft speedrun time? Let us know in the comments below.

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