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“You’re Gold in Valorant”- FaZe Rain Blasts at Stranger Things Actress Grace Van Dien After She Joins FaZe Clan

Published 05/28/2023, 9:50 AM EDT

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The American eSports and lifestyle company, FaZe Clan is going through a tumultuous time. Increasingly declining goodwill between the company’s influencers, falling stock values, and departing celebrity members are some of the few issues that the gaming company is facing. Adding fuel to the fire is the ongoing drama between former FaZe members and the recently appointed celebrity talent.

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In a controversial move, FaZe Clan recently enlisted the talents of Grace Van Dien, known for her role in Stranger Things. This decision sparked outrage from former member FaZe Rain, who took to social media to express his strong disapproval of Grace’s hiring. In response to Rain’s statements, the actress herself engaged in the discussion, only to face further bitter remarks from Rain.

Former FaZe Clan member, FaZe Rain replies to the comments by Grace Van Dien


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The clash between FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien intensified as Rain’s controversial remarks about Grace’s inclusion in the Clan prompted her to confront him. She questioned his presence at the contract signing and clarified that she had never met him. In response to that, Rain alleged that Grace was only signed because of her brief appearance on Stranger Things.

In response, Grace fired back at Rain, telling him to “get f**king wrecked.” However, this exchange only fueled the flames further. Rain retaliated, saying, “Grace, I’m sorry. All I want to say is, you’re Gold in Valorant. Make Stranger Things your entire personality, even though you were on only one episode.”


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Rain continued to escalate the situation by launching further insults. He criticized Grace for discovering Twitch through Tumblr and lacking knowledge of trick shots. Rain boasted about his own success. He did so by mentioning that he had already earned his first million in the industry while Grace was still playing with Barbies. Moreover, he demeaned her, describing her as disappointingly “mid” and someone he wouldn’t want to be associated with, even while he was “high”. 


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The escalating tensions between former and current members further complicate an already volatile situation within the company. FaZe’s ability to navigate these challenges and restore its reputation as one of the leading eSports companies worldwide remains uncertain. Restoring stock value has become a necessity for the company’s continued functioning and success.


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What do you think about Grace’s hiring? Was Rain’s statement unnecessary? Let us know in the comments below!



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