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YouTube Star Ludwig Reveals How His Antics Led to Snapchat Firing Him

Published 01/13/2022, 8:56 AM EST

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Ludwig Ahgren was the ‘Golden Boy’ of Twitch before signing a record-breaking deal with YouTube Gaming in November 2021. And ever since, the variety streamer has been the center of attention in the industry, either for his content or for his opinion.

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Recently, Ludwig managed to shock his fans yet again! And this time, it was something the community could have never guessed. In a recent stream, the newly transitioned streamer revealed intricate details of how he lost his job at Snapchat because he “stole a lot from the workplace.” Continue reading to uncover the full story behind it.


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Ludwig reveals why Snapchat fired him through hysterical story

In his last stream of the eventful 2021 year, Ludwig plays a bunch of games with his friend and Vtuber, ironmouse. ironmouse challenged Ludwig to play many online games from UNO and flip the coin to many other games to decide who the better gamer was.

Apart from the games, what stole the show on stream was Ludwig’s hilarious tale of how and why he lost his job at Snapchat. As his fans are aware, Ludwig is a man of many talents. Before switching to full-time streaming, he was a commentator and player at Esports tournaments such as Super Smash Bros. Melee.


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He begins with appreciating Snapchat and claims, “Snapchat was sick. But I stole a lot from the workplace,” leaving everyone, including ironmouse, shocked. He then, justifying his actions, explains how “newer companies” have workplace refrigerators with food and drinks such as “La Croix and Babybel.”

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Well, Ludwig was a fan of this policy, especially the Babybel cheese. He continues with the story and reveals, “What I would allegedly do is I would bring like a grocery bag, and Friday night I would drive to work and I would fill two grocery bags and I’d go home so I could eat it on the weekend cause I was broke.”


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Now that Ludwig has seemingly admitted his silly act, the real question is: have you ever done anything similar? Tell us your stories in the comments down below.

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