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YouTube Star MrBeast Has Put Forth His Views About SteveWillDoIt’s Permanent YouTube Ban

Published 10/04/2022, 7:30 AM EDT

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The Millionaire man, MrBeast, reflects a sparkling personality in the community. The 24-year-old YouTuber, has become a fan-loved celebrity by producing engaging content on his wide range of YouTube channels. And he has displayed his views on YouTube’s ban of the channel, SteveWillDoIt. He did say that it feels, “A little weird” to him.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast on the internet has exposed the community to some of the most riveting content. Moreover, he has also created MrBeast Burger, and the Feastables, to delight the taste buds of fellow fans. And understanding him as one of the most successful creators on the YouTube platform, his views come in as important. For he is closely related to the community.


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MrBeast reflects his honest views on the permanent ban of SteveWillDoIt

MrBeast recently appeared on the Full Send podcast. There, topics regarding his lifestyle, his career, his future plans, and many other interesting ones were discussed. And as the discussion went on, MrBeast told the hosts that the best reaction he got was from the pizza delivery guy who he tipped $10,000. To this, Bradley Martyn, co-host of the podcast, recalled a similar deed that “Steve” did. Thus, referring to Stephan “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardi.

Following this, he asked MrBeast regarding Steve’s ban. He asked, “I wanted your opinion on the fact that like you know they can pretty much just wipe certain creators off the platform. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on it.” MrBeast said that he would have to do a little research.


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Nevertheless, he answered by saying, “I’d have to do research but that one feels a little weird because obviously they have to give you three strikes and as far as I know he was just gone, just gone. That didn’t really make much sense.”

Moving on, MrBeast got to know from the hosts that Stephan loves MrBeast’s videos. And Jimmy did say that he wanted to hang out with him but couldn’t, due to his busy schedule. But we did get to see what the YouTuber had to say about the permanent ban of SteveWillDoIt.

The 24-year-old YouTuber entertains the community and does a good deed too

Throughout his career, MrBeast has exposed the community to a new world of content creation. The Red Diamond Play button holder has mastered the art of content creation by hosting enticing challenges. Moreover, he tops the videos by handsomely rewarding the winners.


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Recently, he created a $500,000 challenge video. Wherein a fellow subscriber had to survive inside of a big red circle for 100 days, in a portable house. More so, limited food, loneliness, weather, and the fact that he had to be away from his family made the challenge even more difficult. Nonetheless, the person emerged victorious and went home with a cheque for $500,000 from MrBeast. And MrBeast once again proved his proficiency in giving birth to unique content while entertaining the community in the process. Feel free to check out this challenge video of MrBeast above.

What do you think will the content maestro be prepared to do for his next video? Do share your guesses with us in the comments section.


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