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Ludwig For the Ultimate Mario Party Crown! YouTuber Stuns the Internet with Another Speedrun World Record

Published 05/28/2023, 2:30 PM EDT

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From becoming the main career path for many individuals and a worldwide phenomenon, gaming has grown way beyond just being a side hobby. In the highly competitive industry, countless personalities try their best to leave a mark on the world through sheer skill and will. YouTuber Ludwig is one of the latest entries in the list of greats. 

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In an astonishing feat during a recent stream, Ludwig accomplished the extraordinary by securing a World Record in Mario Party Superstars. His remarkable achievement marked an unbelievable milestone, as he became the first to achieve a sub-1:50 run in the speed-running community of the game. While future contenders may emerge to challenge his record, Ludwig currently reigns supreme with the fastest run to date.

Ludwig ‘bags’ the world record in Mario Party Superstars


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In a marathon-like stream lasting over six hours, Ludwig ventured on a grinding Mario Party Superstars speedrun. As the clock ticked away, he found himself at a critical moment, determined to conquer the game within an unbelievable sub-1:50 run for his current attempt. Ludwig gave his all! And in the last minutes, he did the impossible. He said, “7 hours, 49 minutes, 57 seconds into the VOD. Which means I just barely got under an hour fifty minutes to get an hour-minute run!”

The climactic finale depended on the final mini-game, Burnstile. With precision and determination, Ludwig swiftly completed the challenge and stopped the clock. After the realization reached him, both his chat and the streamer jumped on their seats as they realize the YouTuber has secured a world record and accomplished a sub-1:50 run in Mario Party Superstars.


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Talking about his mistakes along the way, Ludwig acknowledged that there is room for improvement in the time he achieved during this recent YouTube stream. Despite this, he contemplated the possibility of a 1:30 run in the future, even though a time as low as 1:20 might be a more challenging milestone to reach, but it is not impossible. 

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The YouTuber surpassed the previous record held by the Japanese speedrunner “Hec” for over a year, whose record clocked in at 1:53:51 seconds. Ludwig’s astonishing achievement recorded a solid four-minute lead over the previous feat.


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However, this isn’t the first Mario Party record the streamer has claimed. Previously, he had recorded an impressive 1:49:37, but because of a minor setback of his Livesplit program crashing during the run, this wasn’t recorded as an official record. 

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