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YouTuber Ludwig Hyper Excited After Taking Mario Party Record Under His Name

Published 05/19/2023, 8:50 AM EDT

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Ludwig Anders Ahgren, better known as Ludwig, is an American content creator who is indulged in live streaming, YouTube, podcasting, eSports commentary, and competitive gaming. He is known for his competitive spirit and entertaining persona, filled with hilarious antics. Recently, Ludwig amazed online communities and his fans by breaking a professional speedrunner’s record during a live stream on his channel.

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Speedrunning has become an integral part of gaming culture, where players aim to complete popular games in record time for bragging rights and fame. This trend has grown so popular that some individuals have made speedrunning their profession. One notable figure in the world of Mario Party speedrunning is Squeex.

Squeex had held many records in the Mario Party speedruns, but little did he know that one of his records would be broken by a YouTuber!


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Ludwig breaks Pro Mario Party Speedrun record

In a recent live stream, Ludwig ventured into the realm of speedrunning by taking on the challenge of a Mario Party speedrun. At first, he faced difficulties in maintaining his time, but he managed to make an unexpected return. It was during the Stick and Spin mini-game that he achieved something extraordinary.

With unwavering focus, Ludwig tackled the minigame and ultimately completed the run with a whopping 20 seconds remaining on the clock. Bursting with excitement, he exclaimed, “Yes! Yes! Let’s go! 20 seconds left! To everyone who spammed GG F*ck you! Yes! Let’s go!” Adding to the dramatic flair of his accomplishment, Ludwig even tore his tank top in the heat of the moment.


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Ludwig’s previous MP record

However, this is not the first occasion when Lud has accomplished the feat of establishing a fresh record in Mario Party. In November 2021, Ludwig took part in the Pokey Pummel mini-game in Mario Party Superstars, where participants were required to rapidly mash a tower of Pokeys. The streamer set out to surpass a YouTuber’s previous record of finishing the mini-game in approximately 3.4 seconds.



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Ludwig, who considered himself the fastest masher in the world, made many attempts before finally breaking the 4-second barrier. Eventually, he registered a time of around 3.8 seconds. However, Ludwig expressed his disappointment by saying, “From my end, there is no difference between a 3.8 and a 4.8, which is bad. I need to improve my speed by around one click every second.”

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