YouTuber MrBeast Opens Up About His Near Death Experience on Logan Paul’s Podcast

Published 09/08/2021, 2:25 PM EDT

As time goes on, the number of viewers on YouTube keeps growing. And Jake Paul is arguably one of the biggest YouTubers out there right now. The YouTuber turned boxer recently featured MrBeast, another icon with the same roots, on his podcast. And believe it or not, the latter had a rather shocking near-death experience to share.

MrBeast explains the story behind the unfortunate experience

MrBeast guest-starred on Logan Paul’s ImPaulsive podcast today (September 8, 2021) that also features Mike Majlak. Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is known for his expensive acts and stunts, but the one he narrates on the podcast was not planned.


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As per the podcast, the young millionaire was returning with his crew after shooting for a video. MrBeast and his friend, Tyler, were in the passenger’s seat while the former’s driver (unnamed) was driving the car while the group was on an 8-hour trip back home.

Somewhere along the way, the driver started feeling uncomfortable and asked, “Can we pull over to a gas station? I don’t feel too good.”. By the time the other two people in the car could react, MrBeast looked at the driver and saw the driver’s head “just bobbling”. MrBeast and Tyler tried to wake the driver up by shouting at him and by force, but the driver laid unconscious in the driver’s seat.

The YouTuber now found himself in the back of the car, trying to maneuver the steering while trying to lift the driver’s foot off the brake to stop a car that was going 85mph down a highway with another car behind them. At this point, Logan and Mike couldn’t figure out what had happened to the driver, and they asked, “Wait, is he like, actually dead?” due to MrBeast constantly calling the driver being “dead”.

What happened to MrBeast’s driver?

While MrBeast was trying to bring the car to a halt with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the brakes, the driver just wouldn’t wake up. Thankfully, MrBeast was able to steer off the car to safety on the side of the road. But it did not end there.


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To the crew members and the listeners’ surprise, the driver woke up at the exact moment the car stopped on the side of the road and decides to “floor” the accelerator. MrBeast reflexively steers the car into a concrete wall so that they don’t hit another car moving on the road.

The whole movie-like scenario ends there with MrBeast and others suffering minor injuries. The YouTuber then explains what had actually happened to his driver saying, “His heart just stopped beating… by all metrics he was literally dead.”. After a medical checkup, it was discovered that suffered from a condition that would cause his heart to stop beating at times, a cardiac arrest. The driver underwent surgery to take care of the condition to avoid future incidents as such.


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Fortunately, MrBeast knew how to react to the situation thanks to a similar childhood experience that he mentions later on the podcast.

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