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Zelda: Tears of Kingdom: How to Unlock the Hidden Infinite Treasure and Build a Village

Published 05/25/2023, 11:10 AM EDT

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a vast open map filled with a plethora of discoverable secrets and mysteries. Despite being the successor of Breath of the Wild, and featuring almost the same assets from the previous game, TOTK never feels repetitive. In reality, it is an improvement to the groundwork that was laid by his predecessor. 

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Among the variety of discoveries and treasures that the game offers, one of the most interesting and rewarding is the Lurelin Village restoration questline and the secret infinite treasure room. Here’s a detailed guide for getting both of them. 

How To start the ‘Lurelin Village Restoration Project’ Quest in Zelda: TOTK


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To access the ‘Lurelin Village Restoration’ quest, players must first accomplish the ‘Ruffian-Infested Village’ quest. This quest is straightforward, players have to engage in combat to eliminate the monsters that have ravaged the Lurelin village. It is recommended for the player to be equipped with defensive-boosting and hearty food items and elixirs, as the task is long, and without some backup may feel a little exhausting.

It’s important to check every corner of the village, including the well located in the north, as there is a Bokoblin hiding there, who could be spotted by the smoke of his fire. Once the mission is successfully accomplished and the monster forces’ health bar reaches zero, a cutscene will trigger, symbolizing the eradication of Lurelin’s terror and Bolson’s determination to rebuild the village with Link’s help. The next phase of the quest will require gaining twenty Hylian Rice and fifteen logs.


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How to get the logs

To fulfill Bolson’s requirement, Link needs to gather full logs instead of just bundles of wood. Link should identify the trees pointed out by Bolson and efficiently chop them down using an axe. For transporting the logs, it is advised to use the Ultrahand to stick them together and make a big bundle of logs and take to the quest giver. 

If this task proves challenging, Link also has the option to make multiple trips to the beach with the logs instead of transporting them all at once. Speaking to Bolson will clear the beach of logs and add them to the total tally of contributed logs to complete the quest and kick off the village restoration drive. 

Where to Find Hylian Rice

Getting Hylian Rice in Tears of the Kingdom can be challenging, as it is not commonly found throughout the region. However, the most dependable sources for acquiring Hylian Rice are usually the local merchants, such as

  • Zora’s Domain General Store
  • Lookout Landing General Store
  • Gerudo Town Cooking Ingredient Store
  • Hateno Village General Store
  • Beedle

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There is also a chance that Hylian Rice will drop when cutting down fields of long grass. Once you are done with this phase, it is time for the next and last section of the quest. Restoring the buildings. 

Restoring the village huts

For the last part of the quest, players have to help the villagers restore their buildings. These include the Inn, the Restaurant, the Lucky Treasure Shop, The Village Head’s Home, and Armes’ Home. Link needs to provide support for the houses and establishments destroyed in the pirate attack. The support can be provided by cutting down palm trees and holding them in position using the Ultrahand ability so that the villagers can rebuild around them. 


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Rewards and infinite treasure room in Zelda: TOTK

After completing the quest, Village Head will hold a feast in Link’s honor. At the feast, the villagers will officially announce that Link has free use of all the establishments in Lurelin Village. This means the player can collect each of the buildings’ yields once every day. Including the restaurant and the Lucky Treasure Shop.


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Link can open a chest every single day and receive a special reward. Tweaking with the game’s clock, players can exploit this shop and get their hands on infinite treasure! 

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