“Tom Brady Clip Started Going Nuts”- MrBeast Reveals BTS Details About Collaboration With NFL Legend and Pete Davidson

Published 07/04/2023, 11:35 AM EDT

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MrBeast‘s collaboration with Tom Brady was one of the most exciting crossovers in the streaming community. The extensive popularity of the NFL legend helped Beast’s content transcend boundaries and engage more viewers across domains. For a collaboration of such a stellar level, many would expect things to be tense and minutely planned.

MrBeast’s candid revelations during an episode on Colin and Samir, however, gave away some riveting details that will leave fans smiling.

MrBeast’s superyacht video made fans smile


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In a YouTube video from June 10, MrBeast posted some high-energy content from a $1 billion yacht. In the footage, Jimmy and his mates were seen making comparisons between different yachts from different price segments. Naturally, his fans would expect a signature MrBeast extravaganza.


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Many, however, were left pleasantly surprised as famous comedian Pete Davidson was aboard one of the yachts with Jimmy and his crew. Navigating around a $50 million yacht, Beast and Davidson kept exploring boats and were often flabbergasted by their, sometimes over-the-top, features. Throughout the yacht tour and elaborate dinner, the comedian kept making the crew chuckle with his funny one-liners. Fans were in for another surprising cameo as the number one quarterback in the NFL, Tom Brady, showed up on another yacht which MrBeast was also reviewing.

MrBeast has some behind-the-scenes revelations

The NFL superstar immediately took a liking to the $300 million yacht with his antics. In typical MrBeast fashion, the streamer kept things casual, and Brady also could be seen to have a blast on board. While appearing on the Colin and Samir episode, MrBeast revealed that none of the activities were pre-planned for either Brady or Davidson.


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During the talk with the hosts, Jimmy said working with Davidson and Brady can be immensely enjoyable because of how they handle work. “You don’t have to like you know tell them like what to do or anything like a camera’s just rolling and they’re just funny and they’re just cool“, MrBeast tells his hosts.

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He also says that this also helps him to be less stressed during making a video, and also how everyone is involved in the process. His statements would ring true to fans who have watched the MrBeast Yacht video. The video has already gathered over 140 million views.


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How do you think such a legendary collab would turn out for the makers? Let us know!

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