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“The Pace Is Underrated”: Soccer Icon Finds Himself Underrated With His Rating in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Published 09/27/2023, 12:43 AM EDT

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EA Sports ended its partnership with Fifa after 3 decades of working together. The new title for the popular soccer game is EA Sports FC 24, and this news has taken fans by surprise. The new game will mostly remain the same, bringing in popular features like the FUT mode. Since this basically marks the beginning of a new era, fans are eager to know how this game will be different.

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Hence, it is not surprising to witness the professionals and viewers wanting to check the cards available. This allowed a soccer icon to grace the fans with an unprecedented rating of his card. However, the stats appeared to shock the 47-year-old. As the Dutch star reacted, he got most of the predictions right, but the overall results left him confused.

Clarence Seedorf’s FUT Rating


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The video looked highly engaging as it started with a build-up vibe. Drawing comparisons and making predictions was the elemental part of this video uploaded by the FUTBIN on YouTube. Starting with his pace attribute, AC Milan legend Clarence Seedorf confidently anticipated that his rating would surpass the ratings of AC Milan central midfielder Rijkaard, at 77.

He also mentioned that the Dutch legend, Ruud Gullit, was faster than him and was given a score of 86. When the pace rating is finally unveiled as 80, Seedorf expresses contentment with the assessment.


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Moving on to dribbling, he was given the rating of the Dutch icon and Barcelona legend, Johan Cruyff, as 94 to set the standard. Seedorf expected his rating to hover around 90. As a midfielder who rarely relied on dribbling, he felt this would be an appropriate evaluation. The revealed dribbling attribute was 88, a rating that Seedorf accepted without qualms.

The discussion shifted to Seedorf’s shooting ability, a facet of his game where he boasted a remarkable record of over 150 career goals. He believed his shooting rating should surpass the likes of former Manchester United players, Robin van Persie and Ruud van Nistelrooy, as they had to shoot from the box.

Highlighting how it is much difficult to score as midfielder, Seedorf sounded disappointed with the unveiled score of 87. Coming to his defensive attributes, Seedorf acknowledged his proficiency as a midfielder and expected a higher rating than the former Chelsea coach, Ruud Gullit at 82. To his surprise, he got 68, prompting Seedorf to humorously ask, “Who made that one up?”

Seedorf’s passing attribute, which he values highly due to his track record of providing numerous assists, was predicted to be around 90. The revealed passing attribute aligned with his expectations at 90, and Seedorf found the rating more accurate. Considering his physical attributes, Seedorf expected to be rated higher than other players. However, the unveiled physical attribute was 82, prompting Seedorf to express his thoughts on the rating.


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Seedorf’s candid view on his FUT Card

In terms of his overall rating, Seedorf was told the overall rating of players like Rijkaard at 90 and Cruyff at 94 and asked what his predictions on his own overall stats will be. To this, Seedorf expected himself to get a rating of 89. However, surprisingly, he received an overall rating of 91. This confused him and he started wondering how these ratings are “calculated.”

Some extra ratings were done out of 5 where players were rated for the ability to perform skill moves. To this, he was asked to predict his ratings in the game and the footballer guessed it to be 4, as he would give himself some room for improvement. Another rating captured how well the players play with their weaker foot. As Seedorf rated himself a 4 again, he guessed it right.


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Although all the ratings were not to Seedorf’s satisfaction, he appreciated the work put into it and cheered on EA for the amazing job they are doing. With Seedorf, one of the most iconic footballers out there, do you think EA Sports did justice with his ratings? Let us know in the comments below.

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