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FC 24 Has a PlayStyle That Lets You Dominate Your Opponents and Score Beautiful Goals in the Newest Ultimate Team Rendition

Published 09/26/2023, 9:33 AM EDT

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It’s just a few days before EA Sports FC 24 is released. The anticipation is pretty high because the game will be coming out for the first time without the FIFA label. And not only that, this highly anticipated title is coming with a new boost-like system as well.

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This new feature is called PlayStyles. This system enhances the attributes and skills of certain players, which gives them improved or new mechanics. And in the list of various available play styles, the Trickster one is attracting everyone’s attention.

The TrickSter PlayStyle in EA Sports FC 24


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Whenever you hear the term trickster, there is one name you can never go past: Neymar Jr. Be it the rainbow flick, flawless dribbles, or sombrero flick, this Brazilian soccer star is the epitome of skills and tricks on the soccer field. So it’s nothing surprising that the new TrikcSter PlayStyle seems to be made for the ex-PSG player.

There is a new viral that is making everyone’s jaw drop. Every gamer is just on the first page of the game, as the game is available only for early access. But this FC 24 player named Ozilla seems to have mastered Trickster PlayStyle, and there is no wonder the player in this video is Neymar.

The player takes the ball with an awe-sparking sombrero flick, with the help of PlayStyle, and then sends it into the back of the net with a clinical volley. Ozilla has also shown us how to do this top-notch move using a depiction of a PS5 controller.


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If you have already become a fan of TrickSter PlayStyle, another good news awaits you. Fridolina Rolfo’s Barcelona card is available for just $17,000 on the market.

This player has seemed to master TrickSter PlayStyle on another level, making her dodge opponents, flick the ball, and score beautiful goals for fun. This is probably the cheapest FC 24 card you can buy in the market, possessing this PlayStyle.

What are the other play styles?

According to the recently revealed Pitch Notes by EA, PlayStyles dimensionalizes athletes, going beyond overall ratings to bring to life the on-pitch abilities that make players special. Each playstyle affects gameplay, giving players unique capabilities you’ll see and feel that make their way of playing more authentic. PlayStyles+ enhances those signature abilities to a world-class standard and gives access to enhanced effects compared to their regular counterparts.


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There are a total of 34 playstyles in EA FC 24, divided into six categories scoring, passing, ball control, defense, physical, and goalkeeper. For example, the Dead Ball PlayStyle will allow a player to shoot a freekick in an enhanced trajectory line to place the shot more accurately, and it will also increase the chances of netting it. There is Tiki Taka PlayStyle as well. Players with this style will gain the ability to execute difficult first-time ground passes with high accuracy. Ah, the old Barcelona days are back!


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So, that was it. EA FC 24 is already coming with new features. And now, as things stand, this game is going to unleash all the hype with its new PlayStyle feature.

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