“Warned This Bi**h” – Tyron Woodley Slams a Final Warning to YouTube Boxer KSI After a Heated Argument in the Recent Deji vs Floyd Mayweather Boxing Match

Published 11/18/2022, 10:50 AM EST

YouTube Boxer KSI has a reputation for being a bad mouth for the entirety of his career. And this is such that it helps him gain a lot of fame before the boxing matches that he fights as an exhibition. Therefore, as an audience, you might have noticed that he has a banter with almost every fighter that he fights for at least a month or so.

But sometimes such banter can last even longer and is highly heated and foul-mouthed that it feels like the boxing match will be extremely brutal when it happens. However, the question is, will a particular KSI fight really happen?


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Tyron Woodley gives final warning to YouTube Boxer KSI

All this started when in September, KSI shared a post on his Twitter asking his fans who he should fight in January under the Misfits card. He also gave his fans four options to choose from, namely Tyron Woodley, Dillon Danis, Slim, and Dr. Mike, of which 38% of his fans voted for Tyron Woodley.

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Although it was thought of as KSI will keep his promise and will fight the five-time UFC Champion, it seems that he was not interested in fighting such a heavy match as yet, and therefore chose to only banter and not push out any prominent decision of whether the fight will happen or not.

Although, everything changed when in the recent Deji vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. match, Woodley started slamming KSI verbally and calling him out in front of his fans, making the matter even worst.

What did Woodley say to JJ?

Later, they even started bantering on Twitter after Tyron shared a few posts on his Twitter regarding the same saying, Warned this bi**h! @ksi Why would u offer me a fight vs you then bail? Why would u send me a contract to bitch out and take a lesser opponent? Why would u have my name in your mouth for two years and not step up?Why do a poll of 1million people, that all said fight me, & you run.”


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And then again slamming KSI by writing, When @ksi blames it on @loganpaul‘s injury or budget i have two companies that will fund the purse. Try again. I’m done talking about it. My last post on it.”

Notably, KSI was also not afraid of slamming back Tyron as he wrote in his Tweet and tagging him, You haven’t won a fight since 2018 brother. When you finally get a win, then I’ll fight you. Deal?”


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What do you feel about this banter? Do you think that the two will fight in a real match or will they just keep slamming each other in a tweet battle? Let us know in the comments below.



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