AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida has retained her title. During a chaotic Fright Night Fight on Collision, Hikaru Shida defeated her opponent Abadon. Her opponent came out as a zombie during the Halloween fight. On the other hand, Shida arrived as an iconic Resident Evil character to vanquish her opponent.

The fight went just as the fans expected and Shida was able to retain her title. Interestingly many fans thought the attire of Shida was what helped her win the fight. The fight, on the other hand, was a complete package for both gaming and AEW fans.

Hikaru Shida walks out as an iconic Resident Evil character


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Hikaru Shida squared up against Abadon in a Halloween-themed match with several props following the theme. Both opponents also arrived in style as Abadon appeared as a zombie in front of Shida. And to vanquish her opponent, Hikaru Shida arrived as Ada Wong from Resident Evil.

With this apt selection of a character to defeat a zombie, Shida instantly won the hearts of both gaming and AWE fans. In the end, Shida puts a pumpkin on the head of Abadon before kicking her to win. Shida perfectly embodied the persona of Ada Wong who is famous for defeating zombies with no mercy.

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While Shida captured a win as Ada Wong, gaming fans could also embody Wong and win over zombies. On September 21, Resident Evil 4 Remake released Separate Ways DLC, which allows players to play as Ada Wong. But for now, fans are elated over the victory of AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida, and they have shared their opinions on the internet.

Fans share their take on Hikaru Shida’s outfit for Halloween match

As soon as Hikaru Shida walked out as Ada Wong, fans were mesmerized. And they shared how much they loved her outfit.

A fan went on to call her the popular nickname of Ada Wong.

Another fan declared her the real-life Ada Wong!

A fan also pointed out how aptly Hikaru Shida dressed to vanquish her opponent.


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However, the fans could not get enough of her attire, and they showered her with praise.


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With her Ada Wong Wong outfit, Hikaru Shida has retained her title as AEW Women’s World Champion for 18 days now. What are your thoughts on Hikaru Shida entering the ring as the iconic Resident Evil character? Let us know in the comments section below.

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