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Essential Questions to Ask About the 2016 NFL Season

Essential Questions to Ask About the 2016 NFL Season

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The NFL is a highly entertaining phenomenon, keeping fans and analysts intrigued and interested throughout the year, especially those persons with a keen interest in NFL betting predictions.

It isn’t just the draft and free agency but all the suspensions and scandals. You cannot go a day without thinking about football, and that gives you an idea about the hectic nature of Roger Goodell’s job.

As the Denver Broncos prepare to face off against the Carolina Panthers at the open of the 2016 season, these are the questions that everyone will ponder in the coming weeks and months:

Will the Patriots recover for the Playoffs?

Despite everyone predicting their Super Bowl victory, Bill Belichick’s team has encountered a lot of complications in 2016, this including Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, Dion Lewis, Sebastian Vollmer, Jabaal Sheard and Rob Ninkovich’s injuries, as well as the departure of Chandler Jones.

It is only because of their faith in Belichick’s abilities that Patriots fans have resisted the urge to panic.

Can Sam Bradford take a playoff team to the playoffs?

The number one pick of 2010, Bradford has escaped chastisement so far primarily because his failures at the present can be blamed on his supporting cast, though this isn’t a luxury he will enjoy for much longer.

The acquisition of Bradford at the expense of a first and fourth round pick (who the Vikings sent to the Eagles) left some people perplexed. At the moment, however, Bradford doesn’t need to be extraordinary to reach the playoffs for the first time in his career.

After all, he has the luxury of playing alongside the likes of Adrian Peterson (a future Hall of Fame running back), this along with some of the best young players in the NFL. Even Bridgewater’s mediocre performance couldn’t stop Minnesota from winning the division over Green Bay.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Bradford can elevate the team around him or sink their hopes.

Can a Seventh Round Nobody Lead the Broncos Back to the Super Bowl?

Defending Super Bowl champions always struggle with the immense expectations of their follow-up season. And, unfortunately, the NFL seems designed to work against teams and players as they get better.

The Broncos’ situation is made worse by their never-ending quarterback problems. Impressive as their defense might be, few people believe that Trevor Siemian, who has never thrown an NFL pass, can deliver as expected.

Do the Browns have the most Exciting Offense in the NFL?

This is the most impressive the Browns’ offense has ever looked. The return of Josh Gordon and Robert Griffin’s reclamation (following a short stint with Washington) and the transformation of Terrelle Pryor into a freakishly athletic wide receiver have given head coach Hue Jackson the chance to prove that he deserves his job.

With the support of left tackle Joe Thomas, tight end Gary Barnidge and a first round pick Corey Coleman, Jackson has the opportunity to turn the Browns into one of the most intriguing teams of the season.

Is Dak Prescott the best Quarterback in the 2016 class?

Dallas chose to take Prescott in the fourth rather than trading up for Paxton Lynch in the first. However, with first rounders like Ryan Tannehill and Andrew Luck having been outplayed that season by third-rounder Russell Wilson, no one is surprised by the fact that Prescott’s fate is following a similar path.

If Romo falls to injury, Prescott will be forced into starting action immediately; and he deserves this early lead. Considering how poorly Jared Goff and Carson Wentz (who headlined the 2016 class) performed, Prescott might be the best QB in the class, and Dallas’ only hope for a suitable backup for Romo at this point.


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