Esteban Ocon Might have Gap year: Toto Wolff

November 2, 2018 1:04 pm

Esteban Ocon might not be able to get a seat in 2019, says Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff.  “I think we’ve just kind of settled in the situation where we might need to find the right seat for him in 2020 and have a gap year and integrate him a lot in the team, and he can contribute to the team performance,” said Toto Wolff, in an exclusive interview with

Ocon’s current team mate, Sergio Perez has very recently signed a new deal with Force India, and the current Williams driver, Stroll seems adamant on taking Ocon’s position at Force India. This of-course means that Ocon has much uncertainty in his future regarding  his position..

He said that a lot depends on the decision by Claire Williams and the team, as they decide on Ocon’s position. “He and us have kind of got our head around it, even though it’s not perfect”, said Wolff. “Unless a last-minute opportunity opens up at Williams, but it’s not in our hands it’s for Claire [Williams] and the team to decide”, he added.

Wolff also added that the final decision ultimately lies with Williams’ Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams, who has so far been tight-lipped on who will join George Russell, the Mercedes junior driver, at the Grove squad next season.“I think Claire will take a decision that is in the best interests of Williams commercially and driver-wise, and she hasn’t come to that point yet. It’s not going to happen any time soon,” Toto Wolff said. This uncertainty in his future will force Ocon to focus his attention on the upcoming races. Esteban Ocon will look to finish his season on a high with Force India, as he stands in the 11th position in the driver’s standings, behind two time champion Fernando Alonso.

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