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Euro 2016 : Records Made and Broken

Euro 2016 : Records Made and Broken

The 2016 edition of the European Championships in France saw numerous exhilarating moments. Here’s a list of some of those moments that will go down in the footballing history books:

Record-Breaking Champions:

Portugal tasted European glory for the first time in their history when they became the Euro 2016 Champions by defeating tournament favourites France 1-0 at the end of extra time. Lille striker Eder scored the winner as Portugal ended their embarrassing run of 10 straights defeats to France, who had eliminated Portugal in the semi-finals of Euro 1984, Euro 2000 and World Cup 2006.

Also, Portugal are now the first ever team to have won a Euro without winning a single game in the first round. By defeating France in the final, Portugal won their 3rd match in extra time, after playing out to a 6th draw in 7 games at Euro 2016, the most by any Champion in Euro history.

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