“Everybody Gets a Little Bit of Action” – Shroud Leads A Server-Wide Raid on the Last Day Before the Rust Split

January 8, 2021 1:32 am

When Offline TV (OTV) invited big streamers such as Shroud, xQc, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Sodapoppin, Myth, and many others, Rust was en route to become a viral sensation. However, it was also a recipe for disaster with so many controversial personalities.

With an increase in toxicity, many streamers such as Pokimane left OTV’s Rust server. Shroud called that xQc’s griefing and the higher importance on PvP is going to cause a split. This happened when OTV announced that they are going to shut down the ongoing Rust server. Instead, after December 7, they will be releasing two different servers for people with different playing styles.

To make something out of the last day on the current server, Shroud came up with a master plan. The gaming veteran has experience spanning over a variety of genres including FPS, RPG, and strategy. Therefore, he was the perfect person to lead a server-wide raid on the last day before OTV shut down the server.

Shroud sends half his team to destroy xQc’s base as he takes the rest of his squad to raid Myth

Myth and his squad might arguably be the most successful team in the first OTV Rust server. They had an unbreakable base with a lot of weapons, ammo, and resources. While many focused on PvP, his squad ensured they get a stronghold in the game over others.

After a squad failed to raid Myth’s base, Shroud thought he had enough ammo, rockets, and resources to take Myth down. Therefore, he gathered his squad, distributed the rockets and RPGs, and set forth on the raid.

Describing the raid, Shroud said, “This is so funny dude, everyone is fighting across the whole map. I sent some of my people to go fight at xQc’s base while we fight at this (myth) base. Just wanted everyone to kind of have fun, not just like this kind of meat grinder that’s happening right here. I wanted some people to have across the map so I sent some of my teammates to go fight xQc’s base so everybody gets a little bit of action.”

While Shroud and his squad couldn’t even get an inch closer to taking Myth’s down, he definitely was successful in making the last day on the server fun for everyone. With this, everyone waits eagerly for the upcoming servers and how the dynamics change with these.

The new OfflineTV Rust server goes live on January 7 at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST/2 AM GMT. With another server added, there are going to be more players. This means fans get to see more streamers on Twitch join in on the action. It will also be interesting to see if Shroud continues his reckless strategy in the new server.

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