Exclusive Interview with Moto3 Rider Makar Yurchenko

April 10, 2018 7:58 pm

Kazakh rider Makar Yurchenko is currently competing in his maiden Moto3 campaign with the CIP Green Power team. The youngster is the first representative rider from his country. In a sport that is dominated by Spanish and Italian riders, it is heartwarming to see riders from other countries try and break the Spanish armada and the Italian conquest.

In Qatar, Makar Yurchenko finished 19th and in the recently concluded race in Argentina, he finished 24th. The 19-year old is treating this season as a steep learning curve, and with an experienced teammate like John McPhee, the Kazakh rookie will gauge as much information as possible.

Makar Yurchenko, Red Bull Rookies MotoGP Cup, British MotoGP 2015

Q1. How does it feel to be representing your country in a big stage like Moto3?

It feels great to be the first ever rider from Kazakhstan to participate in Moto3 World Championship. I am happy to arrive to this point in my career. The level of this championship is very high and I am working hard to show good results. There are still lots of things to learn but I am sure I will do that fast. It is an amazing challenge for me.

Q2. Who inspired you to take up grand prix motorcycle racing?

When I was a child, it was my brother Pavel Yurchenko who inspired me to ride bikes. He was a big example for me, he was riding a bike, that’s why I decided to try it too. I liked a lot and since then my life is all about bikes. After my brother, my father is giving me a lot of support, as well as my personal team, which I have near me now. I am very thankful for their support! Thanks to them and their help I grow and I am here now.

Makar Yurchenko at the Losail International Circuit

Q3. Since you are from Kazakhstan, do you think your presence in the sport will help gain interest in grand prix motorcycle racing?

For sure! Already now, there are many more people following MotoGP World Championship and many people are interested in motorcycles. As well Sokol Racetrack gives a huge rise for motorsports in Kazakhstan! These are first steps for something really nice and big!

Q4. How difficult is it for a rider hailing from a country that has very little grand prix motorcycle racing pedigree to enter the sport?

For sure it’s not easy, but it gives me extra motivation! It’s really difficult to battle with Spanish and Italian guys who are riding bikes from kindergarten. I am happy to race among the best riders in the world, and, as I’ve told this in the beginning, it is a big challenge for me to overcome them and to show a better result.

Q5. Do you know any of your fellow countrymen who are as talented as you are, who deserve to move up to Moto3?

Not really. I think we can change it in a few years and there will be fast young boys from Kazakhstan. Also, building of Sokol Racetrack is the main reason to grow some young talents! We just need a bit of time, and a good example for guys to see that it is possible to compete on such a high level, and they should also train hard, win trophies and try to be there!

Q6. With the introduction of the new all electric MotoE series in 2019, what are your thought on electric racing and its future? 

For sure this is the future and quite soon electric bikes will be as same competitive as gasoline ones. But it’s not the moment yet. For sure in 10 years situation will change a lot! And I cannot wait to see what is going to be in the future, as the technology develops so fast!

A MotoE demo bike in action

Q7. In the possible near future, would you consider racing in this series?

My goal is to be a MotoGP rider! As soon as MotoGP class will have electric bikes – for sure I will consider racing there!

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