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A lot of things are getting shuffled around for 2017, the rules, the drivers, the tires and even the owners. So it’s safe to assume that the sport will be undergoing some major changes too and it’ll be exciting to see how these changes affect F1. Let’s look at the drivers and teams first, though.


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After the World Champion announced his shocking exit from the sport, the driver market went crazy with everyone on the grid wanting to get his seat. This change of driver for Mercedes was much needed from the fans’ point of view as since 2014, there weren’t many exciting battles between the two Mercs and seemed like they were just leading a procession of cars. The whole dynamic of the team will change this year with Valtteri coming in. He’s a totally different character from Nico. He has talent and potential which we’ve seen from him at Williams F1. Mercedes did go to some extent to make sure they get him for 2017 even when they had multiple options. So he must be worth all that trouble. But expect the driver battle to get better. It’s difficult to compare the drivers as they’re very different but that might give us some better racing upfront. Bottas has clearly mentioned that he will not be playing 2nd fiddle to Hamilton when he said

“I am not here to be in second place or worse. It is definitely a challenge and going up against Lewis is always going to be a challenge, but for me a massive opportunity.

“I respect what he has done with his career, so many poles, wins and three titles – I still don’t have a race win – so I have a lot to prove, but everything is still ahead so it is going to be an exciting year.”

It’s clear that Bottas is here to win and we hope that he puts up a good title challenge against Lewis. If they still have the best car, that is.

1. Red Bull Racing

2. Scuderia Ferrari

3. Regulation changes


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