The annual Formula One game dropped on 28 June 2019 and a number of brand new features were introduced. First and foremost, there is an actual mini storyline present in the F1 2019 game. The player starts off his career in the Formula 2 championship two non-playable characters, the rival, Devon Butler and the teammate, Lukas Weber. There are three scenarios that play out during the F2 mini-arc, which in turn affects the player’s relationship with the teammate and the rival. After that season arc, all three graduate into Formula One and the season plays out like normal.

However, Codemasters, the creators behind the F1 game, were not done with their surprises. They introduced mid-season transfers, to the delight of many fans who had been clamouring for the change. Over here, the actual Formula one drivers themselves can change teams mid-season and their racing numbers and overalls change styles according to their respective new teams.

Naturally, excited gamers were eager to see what sort of dream teams could pop up on their F1 2019 game screens, which may likely not happen in real life. Usually, the players are informed of which driver went where, in either their PR messages, or actually witnessing the drivers in their new overalls.

One user saw Racing Point’s Sergio Perez moving to Toro Rosso while Alex Albon had been let go. Meanwhile, Daniil Kvyat was signed by Racing Point to take over Perez’s vacant seat. Another user called J Dennis22 discovered that Sebastian Vettel had reunited with Red Bull, while Kimi Raikkonen moved to Williams. Another user, called Cedric Thome, had an even stranger one, with Max Verstappen moving to Haas, while Romain Grosjean gets the boot. Even weirder, was the fact that Antonio Giovinazzi was moving to Red Bull replacing Verstappen.

Another player performed a four-season simulation, and ended up with Kimi Raikkonen in Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton in Alfa Romeo replacing the Finn. Kevin Magnussen replacing Hamilton, with the former previously in Red Bull. Later on, in an earlier season, Lewis Hamilton moved to Red Bull in place of Charles LeClerc. Meanwhile, LeClerc moved to Mercedes in place of Kevin Magnussen, finally, Magnussen replace Lance Stroll, who moved to Toro Rosso in place of an ousted Alex Albon.

Yet another Twitter user, called Jake found Daniel Ricciardo returning to Red Bull, in place of Pierre Gasly who was sent to Ricciardo’s former team, Renault. Then, another user called Adam Mitchell discovered that Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen had swapped seats. Another strange swap found Carlos Sainz and Charles LeClerc in Ferrari and McLaren respectively.

However, one of the strangest swaps saw Hamilton at Ferrari replacing Vettel. Vettel replaces Verstappen at Red Bull and Verstappen moves to Mercedes, replacing Hamilton. However, Twitter user Josh Kent, achieved the impossible and had Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel at Mercedes, with Valtteri Bottas partnering Charles LeClerc at Ferrari. Another player even managed to get both Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc in Red Bull.