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F1 2019: How the Teammates Fared Against Each Other

F1 2019: How the Teammates Fared Against Each Other

The 2019 F1 season concluded with Lewis Hamilton coasting to victory at Yas Marina. Having won his 6th world championship, Lewis finished a mammoth 87 points ahead of teammate, Valtteri Bottas. That’s more than 3 race wins.

In order of their teams constructors finishing, let’s take a look at the team head to head battles in 2019.

1. Mercedes F1.

Lewis Hamilton 413 Points (won qualifying head-to-head 14-7)
Valtteri Bottas: 326 points.

Once again, Mercedes dominated. For the first time in F1 history, a team has won the drivers-constructors double for six consecutive years. The only time the Silver Arrows scored more points in a season, was 2016’s 765 points. Lewis once again showed he was the main driver at Mercedes, winning 11 of the team’s 15 races. Bottas’s early season formed fell in the mid-season. The Finn failed to win a single grand prix between rounds 4 and 17. The consistency of Lewis and his ability to handle the pressure, handed the British driver a 6th title.

2. Scuderia Ferrari

Charles Leclerc: 264 Points (won qualifying head-to-head 12-9)
Sebastian Vettel: 240 Points

For the second time in his career, Sebastian Vettel has been outperformed by a new team mate. The young Monaco driver led the season with 7 pole positions, showcasing impressive one lap pace.  In addition, he won 2 races this season, and was unlucky at Bahrain as well. His more experienced teammate, Vettel had a season to forget. Average by his standards, the former champion made driving errors several times this season.

Most worrying is the growing tension between the two drivers, who have collided on multiple occasions. It will be interesting to see, who Ferrari will nominate as their number 1 driver next season.

3. Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen: 278 Points (won qualifying head-to-head 19-2)
Alex Albon: 92 Points
Pierre Gasly: 95 Points

First, for convenience sake, I am taking the total points tally of Albon and Gasly, who split the year between Torro Rosso and Red Bull Racing. Between the 3 major teams, Max Verstappen completely dominated his team mates. The two Red Bull youngsters scored 67% of the points of Max between them. The Dutch sensation dominated in qualifying, winning 19 of the 21 qualifying duels, losing one to each driver. Max had a great year, to finish 3rd in the championship with 3 wins this season. He will be hoping to improve on his championship ambitions in the near future as well.

For Pierre Gasly, it was a brutal season. The Frenchman struggled with the Senior team and was subsequently replaced. To his credit, he scored a podium in Brazil as member of Torro Rosso. Albon did a decent job in both teams. However, the rookie, despite showing some pace was miles behind Max. Next season, he will be judged more harshly.

4. McLaren F1

Carlos Sainz: 96 Points
Lando Norris: 49 Points (won qualifying head-to-head 11-10)

Between Qualifying, this was the closest battle of the team mates. The rookie edged his more veteran teammate. Overall, McLaren had a good season thanks to their drivers, with their best points tally since 2014, as well as a podium for the first time since Australia 2014. Sainz’s heroics in Abu Dhabi ensured his 96 points propelled him to 6th in the drivers standings, as the best of the rest. He also ended his long wait for a podium.

Norris on the other hand was arguably the most impressive rookie. Excellent defensive driving and mix of aggression. McLaren surely have a strong foundation to build on, with a driver pairing that have struck up a good friendship as well.

5. Renault F1

Daniel Ricciardo: 54 Points (Won qualifying head-to-head 14-7)
Nico Hulkenberg: 37 Points

Renault F1 had a disappointing season by their standards. Two experienced drivers, and they only managed to hold off Torro Rosso  for 5th place. Daniel, signed from Red Bull did not seem totally at ease with the car. Only a flurry of points finishes towards the end of the season, including a 4th at Monza ensured that he would finish ahead of Perez in the drivers championship.

The Departing Nico Hulkenberg had a point tally that’s better than his rookie season. Despite more consistent point finishes, Hulk was never able to score the more mid-tabled points. The Renault and their drivers overall endured a miserable season by the standards they set out.

6. Torro Rosso

Daniil Kyvat: 37 Points (Won qualifying head-to-head 8-7-6, Gasly out-qualifying him 7 times and Albon 6 times)
Alex Albon: 92 Points
Pierre Gasly: 95 Points

As stated above, the totals of Albon and Gasly are inclusive of their stints in Red Bull. Overall, it was a successful year for the team. Daniil and Pierre, took the 2nd and 3rd ever podiums for Torro Rosso. However the Russian scored 15 of his 37 points at the German Grand Prix and struggled to consistently be in the points. Generally, his team mates also out qualified him in their respective half seasons that they shared the garage with him.

Pierre and Albon performed well during their stints in the team. Albon’s performances merited him a call up to the senior team, where he was consistently scoring points. Gasly seemed much quicker back at Torro Rosso, and scored a 2nd place at the Brazilian Grand Prix for the team.

7. Racing Point

Sergio Perez: 52 Points (Won qualifying head-to-head 18-3)
Lance Strorll: 21 Points

Sergio Perez continued a good year in F1. The Mexican’s second half of the season contrasted to his first half. Consistently in the points, he was able to take a respectable 52 point haul, for a struggling Racing Point. His young team mate, Lance Stroll under performed immensely. 12 of his 21 points came from a 4th place in a chaotic German Grand Prix.

Perez dominated Stroll in qualifying. The Canadian has struggled with his one lap pace, regularly falling out of Q1. With 6 point finishes for Lance, he needs to start being in the points more consistently if he wants to retain a drive in F1.

8. Alfa-Romeo

Kimi Raikkonen: 43 Points (Won qualifying head-to-head 12-9)
Antonio Giovinazzi: 14 Points

Back where he started, Kimi Raikkonen was a regular points scorer for Alfa Romeo this year. The Finn scored points in 9 races (10 if not for the German Grand Prix penalty) and overall outperformed his team mate in the standings.

Giovinazzi had a moderate debut season. 4 Points finishes, and 10 of those coming from a 5th place in Brazil. The only upside for the Italian’s debut season, was him leading a few laps at the Singapore Grand Prix.

9. Haas F1

Kevin Magnussen: 20 Points (won the qualifying head-to-head 13-8)
Romain Grosjean: 8 Points

For Haas F1, this season was nothing short of a disaster. Both drivers struggled with the car which had horrendous tire life. Both Romain and Kevin, clashed not only with each other but team boss Guenther Steiner, with some furious radio exchanges taking place.

Compared to his team mate, Kevin Magnussen had a far better season, but 14 of his 20 points came in 2 points finishes in the opening 5 rounds. Romain on the other hand the worst season of his career. 7 retirements, and the only driver not from Williams to score fewer than 10 championship points. Since Haas have now stuck to their line up for 2020, both just have a year to prove their case for retaining a drive.

10. Williams F1

Robert Kubica: 1 Point
George Russell: 0 Points (won qualifying head-to-head 21-0)

Despite scoring the only point for Williams F1, George Russell was the clear winner of the inter team battle. Not only did he out qualify Kubica in every race, he finished ahead of his teammate 18 times. Kubica did help the team score its point, but it was more down to FIA penalties to Alfa-Romeo than the Williams pace, in a rainy German Grand Prix

Kubica, despite his heroic comeback and ability to prove doubters wrong, was not able to help a struggling Williams F1. Parting with Kubica on not so good terms, Williams now will have a young line up to look forward to.

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