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F1 Announces Drive to Survive Like F2 Documentary Movie Titled “Chasing the Dream”

F1 Announces Drive to Survive Like F2 Documentary Movie Titled “Chasing the Dream”

F1 will release A F2 Documentary

F1 have announced a new documentary movie on their F2 feeder series. The movie will be titled ‘Chasing the Dream’ and will feature the 2019 F2 season. This follows the highly successful Netflix documentary, ‘Drive to Survive’. The F2 series will be focusing on the 2019 F2 season, covering every major event of the season.

The Success of Drive to Survive for F1

Drive to survive, a documentary series covered the paddock and their personalities during the 2018 drivers championship. It came out in March 2019, to a resounding success. The notion of showing the inside workings of F1 resonated well with the audience.

The success of the show confirmed a second running of the series. It will focus on the events of the 2019 F1 championship, once again showing an insider view of what goes on behind the scenes. The only disappointment might be the Mercedes F1 team. The Silver Arrows were being recorded during the 2019 German Grand Prix, having not entertained any filming in 2018. The team will not allow footage to be published, citing Lewis Hamilton’s ill health.

If allowed,  Fans would have gained behind the scenes access for what was a horrible weekend for the most dominant team.

An eventful F2 Season

2019 F2 season was an eventful year. 8 different drivers won races. The upcoming documentary movie will follow a similar structure to ‘Drive to Survive’. There will be an emphasis on the Belgian Grand Prix of F2.

The Featured race saw a major accident that led to the passing of F2 race driver, Anthoine Hubert. Fellow driver Juan Manuel Correra suffered serious injuries. Whilst he survived, he will require a year of rehabilitation.

The series plans to focus on the incident. It will be a platform where drivers and team members can express their emotions during that difficult race weekend.

The movie which is to be a five-part documentary will release in January 2020 on F1 ITV.

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