Formula One will enter a new era from the 2022 season. The sport will bring in a new set of regulations to bring the cars closer to each other in terms of their prowess and have better racing. Formula One Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds mentioned that the 2022 cars will not be as slow as expected than the current generation of cars.

Symonds stated that the governing body will regulate the teams strictly if they find some loopholes. He also mentioned what his biggest fears are when it comes to the 2022 cars.

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The new cars are on average only half a second per lap slower: Pat Symonds

As reported by auto-motor-und-sport, the former CTO of Williams mentioned new cars will just be half a second slower than the 2021 cars. It was earlier reported that the difference could be 2 seconds or more.

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“We can imagine that the new cars are on average only half a second per lap slower than the current ones at the beginning of the season. And there could be a tie by the end of the season. I say ‘could’ because we don’t yet know what the pace of development is allowed by these regulations,” said Symonds.


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Pat Symonds mentioned that his biggest fear for the 2022 cars is that the teams might divert the dirty air from the front of the car to the outside of the car. The sport has worked really hard on trying to ensure that the dirty air does not affect the new 2022 cars.


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“Our biggest fear is that someone will manage to divert the dirty air that is created in the car’s front around the outside of the car. That creates problems when driving behind. Our plan is to carry the dirty air inside the front wheels and divert it upwards from a certain point. Everything has to submit to this idea,” said Symonds.

We all hope that the 2022 cars do provide the close racing we all crave from the sport.

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